Big East Catholic Schools Met In NYC Tonight

Leaders from the 7 remaining Big East basketball schools got together and decided to wait six months and see what sort of TV contract the Big East can land before they vote to split from the conference. Waiting is a good idea... no need to kill a conference with a hasty decision, only to find out a few months later it could have been saved.

Status of the new TV contract

According to the article, Big East schools might only get paid $60-$80 million per year... which is pretty much what Big East schools are getting paid right now - about $4 million per year. If Aresco can land $80 million per year, it might be a slight pay upgrade.


Why did they add Tulane?! They suck! It's obvious all they want is the Superdome for the Big East Championship. RayJay isn't good enough for them.

Brett McMurphy says today is Big East's big day

He says Tulane will announce at 2 pm today they are joining the Big East. He also says East Carolina will announce today they are joining as a football-only member in 2014. Wonder how the basketball schools feel about these additions? Is this even true? If ESPN says it...

SYRACUSE 31 - Missouri 27

Awesome game! Ryan Nassib showed great poise and skill down the stretch to pull out the win and become bowl-eligible. Got a little depressing when the announcers started talking about Maryland and Rutgers bolting for the Big Ten...

New UConn coach puts up $100K for campus hoops facility

With just a one-year contract, Kevin Ollie is making an investment in the future of his program.

UCF wins C-USA women's soccer title

I don't know how many of you care about sports outside football and basketball (and maybe baseball), but UCF will take the Conference USA women's soccer title to the Big East. And their star goalkeeper, Lianne Maldonado (6 regular-season shutouts, three straight in the conference tournament), is a junior. So we'll have her in the net for our first season in the Big East. UCF has been in the NCAA tournament quite a bit recently, and met North Carolina in the very first NCAA women's soccer national championship in 1982. The team is #20 in the nation right now with a 17-4-1 overall record. (Now relinked to the UCF athletics website.)

Big East Needs ECU

Found an interesting article this Monday morning written by an East Carolina fan outlining why ECU would be a good expansion candidate for the Big East. Sure, they'd be a decent addition in basketball and football, but how many eyeballs do they add? Are they worth adding just for the sake of adding someone else?

Featured Videos | Boise State Football

Boise State = Big East Im Predicting a Boise State vs Louisville big east championship game next year


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