Doug McDermott's possible landing spots in the NBA Draft

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Just where, oh where will the 2014 National Player of the Year land in the 2014 NBA Draft? Big East Coast Bias' Christopher Novak tries his best to answer that.

2014 National Player of the Year and former Creighton superstar Doug McDermott finished out his NCAA career as one of the most prolific scorers in its long, storied history. And three months removed from an unceremonious end to his legendary collegiate career, McDermott will find himself donning a brand new uniform.

The National Basketball Association is ready to open its doors to the 6-foot-8 forward, but just where will he land? DraftExpress has him ranked as their 10th best prospect, so it's hard to imagine the Ames, Ia. native not being a lottery pick. Just about anybody could use a versatile scorer like him, but figuring out where he goes is rather challenging.

Here are my best guesses.

The Charlotte Hornets are quietly assembling a team that could compete in the Eastern Conference in the next few years. But the one thing this team needs? A wing scorer. McDermott certainly fits the bill here as he was one of the nation's most prodigious scorers during his time with the Bluejays. McDermott is not a very ball dominant player either so with point guard Kemba Walker alongside, the two could turn into a dastardly duo. But that's only if the...

Sacramento Kings don't get their hands on him first. DraftExpress has mocked Dougie to play 41 games in the capital city of California and much like his fit with the Hornets, McDermott would bring lots to the Kings. Isaiah Thomas isone of the game's youngest and most unheralded guards and DeMarcus Cousins, when he's on, is one of the NBA's most formidable forwards. The Kings pick ahead of the Hornets, so he'll be there's for the taking. But should he fall...

Minnesota could very easily snatch him up. Rumors of Kevin Love's departure aren't going away anytime soon, and the Timberwolves could be starving to find themselves a star to replace the much accomplished product of Westwood. As we saw in Omaha for the last four years, Doug had no problem being "the man" for the Bluejays. He'll be asked to do a little bit more on a team that has seen its fair share of wings come and go. And that's similar to the...

Chicago Bulls. Interestingly enough, the Bulls have been linked to Kevin Love as well as superstar Carmelo Anthony. The NBA Draft will be held on June 26, and Anthony is set to become a free agent on July 1. If the Bulls don't think they're going to be in the running, could they trade up? Could they catch McDermott if he disastrously tumbles out of the lottery? Chicago desperately needs a complementary scorer to aid their offense. But don't count out the...

Boston Celtics either. All indications were that McDermott's workout with them went smoothly, and people have been, rightfully or wrongfully, comparing McDermott to former Celtic great Larry Bird. The Celtics, above everybody else here, have their pick of the litter with the sixth pick in the draft. It's projected that they take guard Dante Exum, but curveballs in drafts in all leagues are not always so farfetched. Boston certainly has a chance to throw everything off the rails, and while unlikely, could very well do that if they decide to snag McDermott with the sixth pick.

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