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Links to Big East-related social media moments, via Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and the like.

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WATCH: Kris Jenkins has range for days

Range for days for Big Smooth! The Wildcats lead the Hurricanes 43-37 at the end of the first half.

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Jay Wright is fired up about making it back to the Sweet 16

Think he's fired up? We think he's pretty fired up y'all. (h/t VU Hoops)

NCAA commits greatest atrocity, doesn't let Butler Blue in the arena

Shame has been brought on the NCAA Tournament.

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WATCH: Isaiah Whitehead just pulled off the craziest of shots

What can't this man do?

Steve Lavin appears with Seton Hall jersey after picking against Pirates

Sometimes you have to own up.

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WATCH: Kris Jenkins throws down a reverse jam

A BIG SMOOTH slam for the Wildcats who are up big on Providence in the first of two semifinal games in tonight's BIG EAST Tournament action.

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WATCH: Katie Nolan tests Gus and Raft's knowledge... of each other

Prior to the start of the BIG EAST Tournament, Katie Nolan of FS1 decided to test how well Gus and Raft knew each other. Hilarity likely awaits.

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A SUMNERSLAM alley-oop was the highlight of the first half for Xavier

A SUMNERSLAM from Xavier's freshman point guard was one of the highlights of a dominant half for the Musketeers. They lead Marquette 46-30 through the first 20 of play.

WATCH: Seton Hall creates #HALLin2K16

You've never known how much you want to watch something like this until now.

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WATCH: SportsCenter compares Isaiah Whitehead to Stephen Curry in the best way possible

After today's big win over Xavier, Seton Hall guard Isaiah Whitehead said he was influenced by Stephen Curry's ridiculous shot on Saturday night to help lift the Golden State Warriors over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Well, that memo apparently got to SportsCenter.

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WATCH: Chris Mack destroys a dry eraseboard

HULK SMASH! Chris Mack, as they say, is mad on(the side)line.

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MUTV 99 asks Marquette students trivia questions leading up to National Marquette Day

Some basketball-centric questions were asked by MUTV 99's Juliana Falk to a few Marquette students. Check it out! [h/t Marquette University Television YouTube account]

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Watch Isaiah Whitehead's ridiculous pass over and over again

You're gonna see this a few times tonight, we'd bet.

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WATCH: Dunkin' Desi Rodriguez skies for the alley oop

Dunkin' Desi is at it again, folks.

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WATCH: Tyler Wideman hits the alley oop

BOOM! That's one way to make an impact, eh? The 'Dawgs and Pirates are in a big scrap with under a minute to play on FS1. This dunk could prove pivotal if things turn out the right way for Butler.

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WATCH: Isaiah Whitehead with a RIDICULOUS behind-the-back pass!

My oh my! You'll see this one on the tube a few times tonight, that's for sure. Seton Hall is battling with Butler over on FS1 because of plays like this from Whitehead who has been dominating tonight.

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We just had a SUMNER SLAM in Cincinnati

And that, folks, is a #SUMNERSLAM!

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Watch Jalen Reynolds' BIG slam dunk

What a MONSTER dunk by Reynolds, who put Xavier ahead with this slam.

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Watch: Kellen Dunham with a CRAZY reverse layup

Goodness. Gracious!

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Jalen Lindsey Out Against DePaul

Kevin McNamara of the Providence Journal reported that Providence sophomore Jalen Lindsey will miss tonight's game against DePaul due to illness.

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Watch: Kelan Martin with the putback!

The 6th Man of the Year candidate is off to a hot start against the Hoyas with seven early points, two coming on this putback jam. Butler currently leads Georgetown 10-9 over on FS1.

LOOK: The Warriors are visiting St. John's

The reigning NBA champions, who have turned into a total buzzsaw in the 2015-16 season, stopped by St. John's.

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WATCH: Mikal Bridges with the SLAM

Villanova is in a tight battle with the St. John's Red Storm at Madison Square Garden but this Mikal Bridges dunk just may be the ignitor they need to get on a run. Stay tuned with us and catch the game on FOX TV right now.

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Kris DUNK with the alley oop!

ALLLLLEY OOP! Sky high! Kris Dunn and the Friars lead Georgetown

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WATCH: Roosevelt Jones hits a 3/4 shot at the buzzer

WHAT A SHOT! Roosevelt Jones ties the game at the half at 37 apiece with this 3/4 court heave. It's been a dandy in Milwaukee and the excitement level perhaps jumped up tenfold after this.

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JAMes Farr with the putback SLAM

The goods are being delivered in this Top 10 matchup. We encourage you to watch, cause you know, we're kinda biased and all that.

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ALERT: Kris Dunn is doing Kris Dunn things

Dunn is putting on a show right now as things are a happening in Friartown. Get to FS1 ASAP, y'all.

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Ochefu... says NO!

Thou shalt not pass, thou shalt not shoot, thou shalt not convert game-tying baskets... or something like that.

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DePaul won y'all. Here's how.

DEPAUL WON... thanks to this game-tying basket by Billy Garrett Jr. Garrett Jr. would sink the free throw that came with this play to give the Blue Demons a 57-56 victory over the Marquette Golden Eagles.

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Watch Butler's beautiful tribute video to Andrew Smith

Prior to Butler's matchup with St. John's, the Bulldogs aired this tribute video to their fallen former comrade, Andrew Smith, who passed away earlier this week. Rest in Peace, Andrew.

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Butler will honor Andrew Smith with commemorative patch for the rest of the season

A gracious and expected gesture by the basketball team who will honor Smith for the remainder of the year with a patch on the uniform.

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Meet Marquette's walk-ons

Courtesy of the folks of TWC Sports Wisconsin as well as the Marquette Golden Eagles' YouTube page, here's a very neat feature on Cameron Marotta, Michael Mache, and Christian Haffner.


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