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Big East Basketball Recruiting Offer Tracker — The Debut Edition

Check out who is on your school’s recruiting radar, as well as a look around the conference.

-BIG EAST Conference

Summer is the prime time for recruiting. With live periods and AAU circuits on the horizon, college coaches will be busy on the recruiting trail. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to see who your favorite team has offered, or who is on your rival’s radar?

Hours of work later, and we have logged and listed every single high school prospect into a Big East Conference offer tracker. We have listed all of the active offered recruits and commits from 2019-2022, as well as any recent activity. For example, if a recruit narrows his list or cuts a Big East school out of contention, we’ll keep you updated.

I plan on updating this every other week or at least once a month. Here are some notes:

  1. If a school has officially offered a recruit, it will be tracked onto here. Offers only—beyond interest—since including that would be a more cumbersome project to take on. So every player listed here has been offered.
  2. This spreadsheet tracks high school recruiting only. In the future, we might expand it to transfers and JUCOs as well.
  3. It is organized with a number of layers. It’s sorted by school (alphabetical order), then by graduating year, then 247 sports ranking, and lastly by status. (Commits are at the top of each section, followed by those who trimmed their schools, then everyone else.)
  4. If you notice an error, have news of a new offer, , please feel free to tip me off—or Big East Coast Bias—on Twitter: @becb_sbn and @erapay5. I’ll update accordingly.
  5. Shoutout to Anonymous Eagle, Casual Hoya, Banners on the Parkway, Rumble in the Garden, and VU Hoops. We unfortunately don’t have articles on all recruits, but we got some help in filling some blanks from our fellow Big East SB Nation sites. Some recruits have clickable names, which will take you to a relevant article regarding that player.
  6. I recommend viewing the spreadsheet externally, since you’ll be able to use things like filters (Google Sheets has that option on the top-left, next to the print button.) and Ctrl+F (Apple+F if you’re on Mac) to help make searching for recruits easier. You’ll also have a bigger screen/window to look at the spreadsheet: Big East Offer Tracker, last updated May 21, 2019. Alternatively, you may view below.