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Chattanooga vs. Butler: Halftime Notes

The Bulldogs have struggled offensively as both teams roll out a 3-heavy attack

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

- Chattanooga's Eric Robinson is the leading scorer for both teams so far, with nine points on 3-3 shooting from behind the three-point arc. Both teams have been reliant on the three-point shot so far, with Butler's Alex Barlow (7 points) and Kellen Dunham (7 points) each picking up a three of their own in the closing minutes of the first half. Overall, the Bulldogs have shot 50 percent from deep on 3-6 shooting, while the Mocs have hit five of their 12 attempts from three

- The Mocs are doing a nice job pressuring the Bulldogs on the perimeter, which makes it difficult for the team to send entry passes into the post. With Andrew Chrabascz in foul trouble and Kameron Woods struggling to finish near the rim, Chattanooga's defensive intensity outside has helped to contain shooters like Kellen Dunham and Alex Barlow

- The Bulldogs drew a boatload of fouls early on, but have struggled so far from the free throw line. The team has hit just 6-12 of their attempts, a mark that has to improve in the second half if Chattanooga fouls at the same rate going forward.

- While Roosevelt Jones (6 points, one rebound) has struggled from the floor tonight, shooting just 2-6, he has once again served as the team's primary facilitator in slash-and-kick scenarios with three assists. The Mocs have countered with a 2-3 zone look defensively, and the Bulldogs may need to get creative in the second half to create open looks for Dunham and freshman guard Kelan Martin.

- Overall, this has been a disappointing offensive performance for the Bulldogs as they struggle to combat Chattanooga's defensive strategy. How head coach Chris Holtmann changes things at halftime will show us a lot about this team can adjust in adversity, especially after crushing a much weaker Maine opponent last week. So far, this seems like a bit of a reality check for Butler as the competition level steps up.

Enjoy the 2nd half!