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St. Francis vs. Georgetown game recap: Peak scores 23 as Hoyas net first win against Terriers

Georgetown's open court offense looked beautiful as they ran the Terriers out of the gym.

Nate Shron

Washington, D.C. -- The Georgetown Hoyas started the game off to a fast pace for the first few minutes of the game, but St. Francis made a run to tie the game at 14-14, and Hoyas head coach John Thompson III decided to call a timeout. St. Francis was putting a lot of pressure on the guards especially, and it was looking tough for the Hoyas to get the ball across half court.

From then on though, the Hoyas looked really good in the first nonconference game, grabbing an 83-62 victory.

The star of the show was Hoyas freshman L.J. Peak, who led all scorers with 23 points in their first win of the year. The one thing that he did was push the ball every time he got it, and just attacked. And for a freshman, it was really an impressive sight.

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The defense of St. Francis Brooklyn had no way to stop him because he just so quick. Peak was perfect from the field, going 9-9 and was 4-8 from the free throw line. Coach Thompson called LJ a "natural scorer," and went on to say, "He is a very good basketball player and thought his teammates did a good job and getting him the ball in positions."

St. Francis had a chance to make the game close, but could not convert, even though they had a strong presence on defense. But they could not stop the Georgetown when they went on long runs to pull away. Jalen Cannon was not efficent this afternoon, as he was 4-12 from the field through 24 minutes, which was pretty shocking for someone with his talent.

For the Terriers, the one person that did stand out was Brant Jones, who had 13 points and shot 50.0 percent from the field. Antonio Jennifer added 11 points of his own.

Terriers head coach Glenn Braica added his thoughts on LJ Peak. "He's pretty good, we didn't see anything on him though," Braica said. "We weren't able to get any film on him, but he's a good player. He's an efficient player, he was 9-for-9, and we have to do a better job. He overpowered us going to the basket and to be honest he's probably the difference in the game. We knew who D`Vauntes Smith-Rivera was and some of those other guys as well, but he was the unknown. He stepped up and he's going to be a very good player for them."

Georgetown's defense was really good, even though they had a few mistakes. As a whole, the team looked really good on defense, but the one thing that they need to work on is rebounding because the Terriers outrebounded the Hoyas 45-40, but it looked like they had more rebounds than that.

Joshua Smith, who had 10 points and two rebounds, had expressed his desire to get at least 10 rebounds a game or close to that, but that did not happen against the Terriers.

MIkael Hopkins said that everybody needs to rebound, and not only look at the bigs, because that is why the Terriers did not go away at times during the game. That is one area that have to clean up, because getting offensively out rebounded 22-9 is not a good, and as a result, the Terriers had a lot of second chance opportunities this afternoon.

Jabril Trawick, meanwhile, had 11 points, five rebounds, and two assists on the afternoon. The way he played during Kenner League was starting to come into effect in the second half.

Overall, this Georgetown's offense looked really good and the defense did also, despite their poor rebounding efforts. The Hoyas are really deep on the bench, and have a variety of lineups that will be able to score in the open court and that can play defense.Since Georgetown is so long, they will be able to get stops