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NJIT vs. St. John's: Halftime Notes

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

- The game for the most part has been a completely one sided affair with St. John's taking an early and commanding lead over the NJIT Highlanders. The Highlanders look overwhelmed and out matched.

- So far St. John's play has been anchored by the play of Chris Obekpa underneath the basket and the guard play of D'Angelo Harrison. Obekpa though has been the most important asset so far in the game for the Johnnies on both offense and defense. He has 10 points and 6 rebounds for St. John's.

- Harrison's importance tonight has been in distributing the ball for four assists, and setting up play in the offensive zones for the Red Storm. In terms of other offensive production he has 5 points so far on the night. His play at guard is being also well matched by Sir'Dominic Pointer who has 5 points and 6 rebounds on the night.

- The depth of the guard play is showing up early for the Red Storm. Coach Lavin has been using an on and off full court press with the guards and has been successful so far in making substitutions for his guards. The bench in general has been a source of depth for Lavin to go to, as he is getting production from both the starters and whoever he places in the game. The transition has been seamless.

- Rysheed Jordan (2), D'Angelo Harrison (2), Phil Greene IV (2), and Jamal Branch (3) will have to watch their play in the second half to avoid any possible foul trouble.  Branch in particular needs a calmer approach to avoid being taken out of the game early. He's been solid on offense for 7 points so far tonight, and is the main rotation player for Lavin whenever he sits Harrison, Greene, or Pointer.

Enjoy the 2nd half, Red Storm fans!