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Jessie Govan talks Hoyas offer and off the court stuff

6-10 member of the Class of 2015

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Georgetown Hoyas offered a scholarship to 2015 Jessie Govan, who is a post player from the Empire State this Friday from the Wings Academy. Yesterday Big East Coast Bias did a question and answer with Govan about the offer and more.

Big East Coast Bias: For those who don't know, tell us what type of player you are?

Govan: I'm a low post player, i like to do my dirty work down low but I can also hit the jumper.

Big East Coast Bias: Before the offer from Georgetown, what schools were offering you and showing interest in you?

Govan: Louisville, UConn, Seton Hall, Miami, Arizona, Cincinnati, Fordham, and Virginia all had offered me., The schools that are showing interest is St Johns, NC State, Florida, and Kansas.

Big East Coast Bias: When the Hoyas offered you, what role did they say they would want you to play if you commit to play for them?

Govan: They told my dad because they told him that they would offer me, but they said that they need help at the big man position.

Big East Coast Bias: What do you think of them and if you commit to them, what do you think you would be able to provide for them as a big?

Govan: They are a great school and they had a a lot of great bigs come through that program. If I commit to them, I could be one of those bigs.

Big East Coast Bias: Are you planning on taking a visit down to the school soon? Also, what has impressed you about the school from a basketball standpoint?

Govan: I dont know yet and they have been a winning school for a while now and have a good tradition at the school also.

Big East Coast Bias: What do you think you need to do this summer to improve your game and be ready to take your game to the next level when you step on a college campus?

Govan: Just keep being more aggressive and staying out of foul trouble.

Big East Coast Bias: Can you talk about the development you have seen from your freshman year to your junior year?

Govan: I've gottten more way more athletic and I'm running the floor much better.

Big East coast Bias: Who are you playing AAU for this summer?

Govan: I'm playing AAU for New York Lightning.

Big East Coast Bias: Now off the court, what do people do not know about you?

Govan: I'm a big gamer and I like video game a lot haha.

Big East Coast You are a New Yorker, so are you hip to Pro Era?

Govan: Yeah I listen to a few of them.

Big East Coast Bias: Is Joey Badass your favorite? Also, do you plan on committing before your senior season, during or after?

Govan: Yes, and I'm looking forward to have made a decision before my senior season.

Big East Coast Bias? Who inspires you become better?

Govan; My father inspires me to become better, he pushes me me everyday and it helps me go hard all the time for basketball.

Govan is considered the 9th best center prospect in the class of 2015. Also he has a composite rating of 96, which makes him a four-star prospect. According to 247 sports, Govan is the 8th ranked center in the country and the 3rd best player in the state of New York.