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Maine vs. Seton Hall: 3-Point Preview

Seton Hall looks to put a bad loss at Georgia behind them. Here are three keys to their Saturday afternoon showdown in South Orange.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Seton Hall (9-2) is coming off a very bad loss at Georgia last weekend and are trying to get back to the form they showed through the first ten games. With the loss of freshman superstar Isaiah Whitehead, a game against Maine (1-9) is a perfect spot on the schedule for the Pirates to come up with a strategy without Whitehead. It's very possible that Kevin Willard could run a three guard system with Sterlinh Gibbs, Khadeen Carrington & Desi Rodriguez, which has worked in the past. Here's the three things to look for in Saturday's matinee between the Pirates and the Black Bears.

Where are Whitehead's points going to come from?

This shouldn't come as a problem against Maine. The Black Bears are letting their opponents shoot 52% from inside the arc, near the bottom of Division I, and it could be a coming out party for Brandon Mobley and company. It could also be a tryout for younger guys like Michael Nzei and Ismael Sanogo down low.

Get off to an early start

It happens in a lot of games where inferior teams take on very good teams, where the smaller team gets off to a quick start because the more powerful team underestimates them, and the game ends up a lot closer than it should. Seton Hall needs to play their game from the tip-off and make sure they lock down the Maine offense.

Control the tempo

One of the main problems in the Georgia game for the Pirates was that they forced a lot of shots and were playing a very fast style, faster than they usually play. In the game on Saturday, Seton Hall needs to take some time off the shot clock and make sure they get the shot they want, instead of taking more shots than they need. Look for Gibbs and Mobley to play big leadership roles on the floor with the absence of Whitehead.