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Seton Hall vs. Georgia: Halftime Notes

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

At the halftime break, Georgia leads Seton Hall 41-22. There's certainly a lot to improve on in the second half for the Seton Hall Pirates. They came in at 9-1 to face Georgia, in what was the most anticipated non-conference game for the Pirates. Here's some things to look at from the first half of action:

  • Georgia capitalized on the Pirates getting into foul trouble early in the half. Freshman sensation Isaiah Whitehead was forced to sit out with about six minutes to go with three fouls. He only had three points and three rebounds. The Pirates, as a team, had 14 fouls in the first 20 minutes.
  • Seton Hall is struggling big time in the rebounding department. The Pirates prided themselves on rebounding for the first ten games of the season, and it was the main reason why they were so dominant. Tonight, they got out-rebounded 26-16 in the first half.
  • It isn't that Seton Hall is getting dominated in any shooting statistic. They're just shooting themselves in the foot by taking tough shots and forcing the game. Georgia is developing good plays offensively and getting out in transition to tack on the points. Seton Hall is shooting 32% from the field, and the Bulldogs are shooting 46%.
Seton Hall needs to improve on shot selection and getting second chance points which they've thrived on for the early part of the season. The second half of action can be seen on ESPNU.