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Big East Player of the Year Power Rankings Week 8

Here we are. At the final power rankings before the finale starting on Wednesday. Some movers and shakers this week after some wild results as the race and this conference continues to deliver drama.

NCAA Basketball: Marquette at Villanova Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

We are in the early stages of a month called March. Who knew one month could contain such a range of emotion? The Big East has felt like March pretty much all season with so many crazy games, wild finishes and incredible performances. This week alone we had an amazing double overtime game, a 43-point masterpiece, a stunning upset in Milwaukee and so much more. How did it effect the power rankings you ask? Here is your answer.

5) Kamar Baldwin, Butler Bulldogs and Max Strus, DePaul Blue Demons

Last week: Baldwin at 5

Cut me some slack here. I’ve gotten some flack this season for giving Max Strus some love in these rankings but 43 points with 36 coming in the second half in a win over St. John’s is a big deal whether you like it or not. It certainly wasn’t enough to overtake Baldwin who had 27 points and 10 points this week and has had a better stretch of play. However, Strus has to be back in this conversation.

However, only one will make the final rankings on Wednesday when we start the voting. Keep that in mind.

4) Shamorie Ponds, St. John’s Red Storm

Last week: T-2

Really tough week for Ponds and St. John’s who lost to Xavier at home and DePaul on the road. Ponds did have 29 in the loss to the Blue Demons, but only had 13 in the loss at home against Xavier.

Ponds has been really up and down just like the team he plays for and is falling out of the race for the Big East Player of the Year. His last chance to turn heads is the final game of the regular season at Xavier. You, the fans, will have to vote to keep him around starting on Wednesday.

3) Phil Booth, Villanova Wildcats

Last week: 4

Pretty much back to business as usual for Villanova who defeated Butler and Marquette this week behind strong performances by Booth as the Wildcats gained ground on the Golden Eagles for the regular season title this week.

Booth had 17 points in the win over Marquette and 28 in the win over Butler with both wins coming at home. The Cats don’t play again until they face Seton Hall in Newark to end the regular season next week in what could be a very fun game.

Meanwhile, Booth will need your votes to win the site’s player of the year award starting on Wednesday.

2) Myles Powell, Seton Hall Pirates

Last week: T-2

Powell was fantastic this week as he scored 35 points and had five rebounds in a losing effort to Georgetown on the road in double overtime. Despite his team losing three games by a combined 15 points, Powell has been fantastic. The Pirates have two big games coming up this week at home against Marquette and Villanova and they will be looking to build their resume up before the Big East Tournament.

Pirate fans will have to vote for Powell starting on Wednesday if they want him to win the site’s player of the year award.

1) Markus Howard, Marquette Golden Eagles

Last week: 1

Howard had a combine 58 points in two games this week, but both were losses to Villanova and Creighton. It is still Howard’s award to lose, but he will need the votes in the polls to win the site’s player of the year award.

Did we miss anyone? Speak now or forever hold your peace. Make your case in the comments or on Twitter @becb_sbn and @SSaintj7. We will be back on Wednesday to update the rankings and begin the voting! Remember, there will be voting each day and after that day’s voting the player with the least amount of votes will be eliminated. Everyone else gets a rose and will move on to the next day. It’s March Madness with a Bachelor twist for the Big East Player of the Year award according to Big East Coast Bias and you the fans! Stay tuned. The roses will be handed out from Wednesday until we have a winner on Saturday!