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Big East Player of the Year Power Rankings Week 7

We are getting down to the nitty gritty folks. This is the home stretch in the race for the Big East Player of the Year. There was some serious shuffling this week and we are getting closer to the grand finale.

NCAA Basketball: Marquette at Providence Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

It is going to be wild. All of it. The last few games of the regular season, the Big East Player of the Year race, the Big East Tournament and beyond. The best part of the season has been how close everything has been. No one has been safe and as I’ve said in the past, in the Big East you can run but you can’t hide. This season epitomizes that.

Now to the loyal and knowledgeable readers of this blog and our energetic followers on Twitter, I am calling out to you. This is the second to last power rankings before we get to the March 6-9 finale. You need to lobby for who you think deserves a spot in the final five for the Bachelor vote. If your vote gets into the top five in the March 6 rankings that player will have a chance to win the whole thing. Remember that when your man misses out. You do have a say here and will have the ultimate say in the Bachelor voting, rose giving, Big East Coast Bias Extravaganza!

For now, here are the updated rankings.

5) Kamar Baldwin, Butler Bulldogs

Last week: 5

To be fair, it was not a good week for Baldwin who struggled in Butler’s only game this week. The Bulldogs lost to Marquette on the road and the star guard had 12 points, five rebounds and six turnovers.

However, none of the other players that could’ve taken his place did enough this week to catch him. There are about four or five names that are being considered for the finale and a couple have made the rankings this season while a couple haven’t yet but could with a good week.

This is where you come in. You have a voice here and can make the case for a player that hasn’t been mentioned. Twitter and in these comments are how you can get in touch.

4) Phil Booth, Villanova Wildcats

Last week: T-2

It has been a tough two weeks for the Wildcats and Booth specifically. Villanova has now lost four out of five games and many have started to point out Booth and Eric Paschall starting to slow down due to the work load they are required to have in order to lead their team to victory.

This certainly took a toll on Booth this week as he had 26 points on 22 shots in a loss to Georgetown and 14 points on 18 shots in a loss to Xavier this week.

Booth is being asked to do a lot, but to be fair the Wildcats haven’t exactly been defending well during this slide either and that is also on team leadership.

For now, Booth drops to four but could get right back where he was with a strong week upcoming.

T-2) Shamorie Ponds, St. John’s Redstorm

Last week: 4

If you have been following these rankings, you know the theme with Ponds and St. John’s.


This week was the epitome of that for the Redstorm guard.

The Johnnies got waxed by Providence at midweek and Ponds had one of his worst performances on his entire career.

In 29 minutes, Ponds had four points on 2-9 shooting with five assists in the loss. However, he bounced back with 27 points, five assists and five steals in a win over Seton Hall.

The performances pretty much cancel each other out, but due to Booth’s struggles that allows Ponds to move up on the list.

T-2) Myles Powell, Seton Hall Pirates

Last week: T-2

Powell had a good week, but the Pirates did not as they lost to Xavier and St. John’s. The Pirate star had 17 points, eight rebounds and four steals in the loss to the Musketeers and had 26 points, three rebounds, three assists and two steals in the loss to St. John’s.

In both games, Powell led massive comebacks from down 16 to Xavier and down 23 to St. John’s to get back within one and five points respectively.

Powell has not started games well this season, but the last two efforts have been examples of too little too late. Despite that, the Pirate junior continues to put together good performances for his team and has a chance to get back into the conversation to move up with a good finish to the season.

1) Markus Howard, Marquette Golden Eagles

Last week: 1

Howard dipped a little bit this week, but stays at the top of the power rankings with a 28-point performance in a win over Butler. Despite defeating Providence, Howard only had 14 points on 2-12 shooting which set him back a bit this week.

Here is the deal on catching Howard. Ponds, Powell and Booth have the best chance to get to the top of these rankings if they have strong finishes to the regular season.

Howard can be caught, but his consistency and some amazing performances this season keeps him at the top of the list.

Time is of the essence, but this race is far from finished.

Did we miss anyone? Speak now or forever hold your peace. Make your case in the comments or on Twitter @becb_sbn and @SSaintj7. We will be back next Monday to update the rankings!