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Big East Player of the Year Power Rankings Week 5

It’s getting tougher and tougher to catch number one while at the bottom it is turning into a line at the DMV. Just another week in the Big East Coast Bias Conference Player of the Year Power Rankings.

NCAA Basketball: Villanova at Marquette Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Man oh man! It’s Week 5 and the top couldn’t look more solidified while the rest couldn’t look fuzzier. If you were paying attention this week you may know why this is all happening. It’s been that kind of year in the Big East. Two teams are running away with it while the rest look for separation or heck just a winning streak. These rankings reflect that. We start off with a first in the Power Rankings as there is essentially not really a number five this week because it is so packed together. Here are the contenders as it were for that fifth spot right now.

5) Screw it. We’ll just list’em all!

Last week: Who cares?

If you need a refresher as to why finishing in the regular season in the top five of these power rankings is important go back to the first article. Here’s a hint: getting to the Bachelor style finale in March is all that matters.

Right now we basically know the top four, but the fifth spot is up for real scrutiny. I’ve been hearing about it from many of you on Twitter, walking down the street and via messages and texts as to who should be in the five spot.

To be honest, I’m struggling myself at this point as the log jammed Big East continues to get closer in the standings and now in these power rankings. As of right now, in any particular order, here are the top contenders for the five spot. Frankly, if a player’s name isn’t listed they will likely not have a shot to make it at this point.

Max Strus, DePaul Blue Demons

Jessie Govan, Georgetown Hoyas

Eric Paschall, Villanova Wildcats

Kamar Baldwin, Butler Bulldogs

They are the four with the best shot to make that fifth and final spot in the power rankings. You and of course the players themselves (like it matters to them) have some time to change my mind, but as of right now the fifth spot is wide open.

T-3) Myles Powell, Seton Hall Pirates

Last week: T-3

Powell stepped up big for his team again this week as he put the Seton Hall Pirates on his back in the closing minutes to lead them to a comeback victory against Creighton on Saturday.

Trenton’s finest had 22 points, seven rebounds and four steals as Seton Hall got a big win to put them in a grouping of teams tied for third place.

That was Seton Hall’s only game of the week, but it was a vital one for the Pirates to get and once again their star made the biggest plays of the game when it matters most. As they say, big time players step up in big games. Powell is a big time player.

One thing that gets lost with Powell at times is his leadership. Powell seems to be more of a lead by example player by showing you what he has on the floor and it has been massive for this team over the last few games.

Powell is getting close to possibly moving up in the rankings and this week upcoming could help him to get higher as we move forward.

T-3) Shamorie Ponds, St. John’s Redstorm

Last week: T-3

It is getting redundant at this point with Ponds and St. John’s. Another rankings and another up and down week for the Red Storm.

You know what that means. More performances from Ponds that cancel each other out.

Let’s start with the good and to be fair it wasn’t just good it was great.

Ponds scored 28 points along with seven rebounds, two assists and two steals in a win at Marquette to sweep the season series with the Golden Eagles in the regular season. At that moment, many thought it was a massive win to beat a top-10 team on the road.

However, they backed it up with a 14-point home loss to Providence on Saturday. Ponds had 20 points on 17 shots and the Johnnies got beat up in the second half by PC.

The Red Storm are extremely inconsistent and that is hurting Ponds in these rankings. With a win over Providence he would’ve been higher on the list this week, but instead he almost went lower.

2) Phil Booth, Villanova Wildcats

Last week: 2

He was so close.

Booth almost got the top spot this week after good performances in a win over Creighton and a tough loss to Marquette.

In the win over the Jays, Booth had 14 points, eight rebounds and four assists in an overtime win over a Creighton team that played their best defensive game of the season despite the loss.

He followed it up with 19 points, three rebounds and two steals in a one-point loss at Marquette. Booth came so close to getting to the top spot this week and finally knocking off you know who from his perch.

If he makes that last second shot and Villanova wins, I’m telling you he would’ve gotten to the top. But he didn’t and here we are. We are definitely looking forward to the rematch between the Wildcats and Golden Eagles later this season.

1) Markus Howard, Marquette Golden Eagles

Last week: 1

You know what that means people. By a whisker, Howard is still at the top of the Big East Power Rankings despite being a little Jekyll and Hyde this week.

Howard struggles against St. John’s. The numbers back that up and his play on the court further proves that for some odd reason he just doesn’t play his best games against the Red Storm. Statistically, Howard shoots roughly 20 percent worse from the field against the Johnnies compared to everyone else this season.

In the loss this past week to the Red Storm, Howard had 17 points on 17 shots from the field in a loss to the Johnnies. Marquette’s only two losses this season have come against St. John’s.

However, he remains number one after single-handedly beating Villanova with 38 points, six rebounds and two assists to hand the Wildcats their first conference loss and end their 11-game winning streak overall.

That alone is enough to keep you at number one, but to do it to the player who is right behind you in these rankings means even more.

Did we miss anyone? Make your case in the comments or on Twitter @becb_sbn and @SSaintj7. We will be back next Monday to update the rankings!