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If You’re A Human Being With Empathy You Know DePaul Should Be Ranked

Don’t think too hard about it. Just accept this as gospel.

Santa Fe, New Mexico Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Turn on sports talk radio right now.

Are they talking about DePaul?

Oh, they aren’t?

Change the channel.

The one thing that should be on every American’s mind is why DePaul isn’t ranked right now.

It’s the one thing that we should be demanding of the people that have the power to rank college basketball teams.

There’s no other alternative.

I’ve talked a lot on this site about what I’d do if I was gifted a billion dollars. I think, at this juncture, that buying off votes to get DePaul into the top-25 would be a top priority.

Look, it’s time that DePaul’s suffering as the bottom-dweller in the BIG EAST came to an abrupt end. Not because they’ve toiled at the bottom for ages, but because they’ve finally attained something that’s remarkable.

Before the season started, the prognosticators around the conference deemed DePaul to remain in the cellar. That’s fine. They hadn’t done anything in recent memory that would deem them to be a considerable force.

Now, well, things have changed.

It’s time to give the Blue Demons their worth.

There are expendable teams in the top-25 right now. A two-loss Florida State team is there. A 5-3 Michigan State team is there and they only make their moves when March comes around, so there’s no need for them in the top-25. The 25th ranked team in the AP poll is Utah State who has:

A.) lost a game

B.) rank lower in almost every defensive metric compared to DePaul

C.) have played two “quality opponents” in Saint Mary’s (8-1, loss to Winthrop) and LSU (lost to VCU)

There’s no real reason DePaul isn’t ranked. It’s just time that they get ranked and stay that way until they lost a game. That might be against Buffalo on Sunday, but if they win, they’re going to be 10-0.

10-0! Ten wins! They’ve got bonafides, baby!

They beat #29 Texas Tech, #66 Minnesota at Minnesota, and Iowa at Iowa! What more do you want to see from them?

Personally, I’d like to see them run the table and beat the brakes off of [insert blue blood] in the national title just to stick it to the college basketball world.

#RankDePaul now. #RankDePaul forever.