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The Hottest Team In America Is In The BIG EAST And They Aren’t Ranked??

They’re undefeated!

Preview of Jaume Plensa exhibition at Moscow Museum of Modern Art Photo by Gavriil Grigorov\TASS via Getty Images

The Butler Bulldogs are off to an 8-0 start behind some stellar play from Kamar Baldwin, as he solidifies himself as a superstar in this new wave of BIG EAST players.

This isn’t about them, though.

This is about DePaul. They have Charlie Moore. They have Paul Reed. They have Jalen Coleman-Lands.

They’re undefeated and unranked. That’s a travesty! Any team that’s won 9 games and has lost zero games should be ranked in the top 25.

I’ve been in this business long enough to realize that when your wins far outweigh your losses - especially when your losses are zero - you deserve a top-25 ranking. You’ve not only managed to win you’ve also managed to not lose. Not losing is something that DePaul was really bad at before this season and now they’re not losing at a remarkable clip. If they can manage to handle Buffalo on Sunday, what excuses remain?


That’s how many excuses remain.

We live these lives only once. Your 18 year old child should see a ranked DePaul at least once in their lives. It’s like seeing Halley’s Comet.

DePaul beat the national runner-up in Texas Tech on Wednesday night in a game that was begging for DePaul to blow it. Then JCL nailed a trey while the seconds wound down to send the game into overtime. Do you think Max Strus could do that? Fuck no you don’t.

This is a new era in DePaul basketball and it’s high time that everyone put some god damned respect on that name.