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The Courageous, Mindful, Brilliant Leaders That Vote In The Coaches Poll Will Vote For DePaul

The other coaches are immediately put on the hot seat and are being investigated for being an asshole.

Georgetown v DePaul Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

There are 32 coaches out there that get to vote each week to determine their top-25 in college basketball. They represent their conference and they represent the inevitable conversations around the water cooler each Monday morning.

Of the 32 individuals who vote for DePaul on Sunday are coaches who belong in the top-tier of college basketball’s pantheon of leaders of young men.

They’re the men that work to mold the minds of 18-22 year olds, teaching them hard life lessons while giving them a great outlook on life. They’re studious in their endeavors, blueprinting plays, assessing in-game scenarios, going over scouting reports to teach their team how to prepare and succeed against the troubles ahead. Those coaches, who choose DePaul, are the true salt of the earth, the givers to their community, the wielding of understanding what a great impact they can make on everyone around them.

The coaches who vote for DePaul are the ones who wrap their arm around kids who have been through hell and give them a guiding light to a more prosperous future. They’re the ones who sit and listen instead of giving orders, the ones who can empathize and attain a relationship that’s bigger than basketball. They’re the ones who take a chance, knowing that their world can come shattering down if the results are not what is expected. They dig deep and do what’s best, always.

The coaches who do not vote for DePaul are a cowardly lot. They’re the ones in it for the money or for the stepping stone spot they’re in right now. They’re the ones who sell a fake bag of goods and promise gold, failing to return their promises. They’re the coaches who cheat the system and pray to God that it won’t come around to haunt them, yet they have sleepless night after sleepless night knowing they’ve done wrong. Those are the coaches who won’t vote for DePaul. Those are the coaches who will get fired eventually and end up refereeing a 3rd grade YMCA game on their daughter’s birthday.

The coaches who do not vote for DePaul deserve their inevitable ousting. They’re the scum of the earth. If they claim that the Blue Demons didn’t pass the eye test, or that their record is buoyed by weak competition, or that they believe that DePaul isn’t a tournament team are the same ones that will throw their players under the bus when it becomes convenient.

Don’t be a scumbag. Be a leader. Vote for DePaul. Get DePaul into the top-25 for the good of humanity, for the good of college basketball.