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Ranking DePaul Could Stop Terrorism And Bring World Peace (Here’s How)

The world is better, safer, more united with a ranked DePaul.

UConn Vs DePaul, NCAA Women’s College basketball game at Webster Bank Arena, Bridgeport, Connecticut Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

Saturday, December 2nd, 2000.

The 25th ranked DePaul Blue Demons fell to the 10th ranked Florida Gators 83-76. It seemed like just an anomaly, that a higher ranked team simply outlasted an incredibly talented, but flawed, DePaul team. It happens.

That’s college basketball.

What we didn’t realize is that it’d begin a damn near 20-year long streak of consecutive days where DePaul wasn’t ranked. The unranked Blue Demon program is almost old enough to enjoy a legal alcoholic beverage.

Obviously, that needs to change.

Mainly because of the world we live in - a world that’s simple to paint as flawed, a world that seems unfair to the downtrodden, a world that seems divided when we’ve always been, a world that just seems so fucked up that the only way that we can realistically make it better is by having a ranked DePaul.

The last time DePaul was ranked we lived in a sovereign nation. Let that truly sink in.

It sucks that DePaul has sucked otherwise terrorism wouldn’t have occurred at all in the last two decades. A ranked DePaul world is a world we want to live in. It’s a world our children can thrive in. The fear of fear dissolves when DePaul’s got it all, which certainly appears to be the case this season.

Let’s bring our brother’s and sister’s home safely and rank DePaul. Let’s all just love each other because our lives are too finite to do anything else.