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Creighton Basketball Players Pass Their Finals; Also Beat UTRGV

It was a bloodbath.

Big East Basketball Media Day Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

This game went exactly as you imagined it would. It’s over now, and we saw some magnificent things like:

  • Mitch Ballock three pointer
  • Marcus Zegarowski three pointer
  • UTRGV turnovers

Although the refs were bad, it was good to see the Bluejays back out on the court. It was good to see the Jays bounce back from a tough finals week.

They struggled at times, but that’s to be expected what with their rigorous academic studies and cram sessions late into the night.

UTRGV managed to get some turnovers of their own and were hustling hard, yet with every basketball game against the Jays, they eventually got worn out and had trouble keeping pace.

It was especially telling when the fans started chanting “Bas-Ket-Ball” in the second half, an ear-splitting ode to the beautiful game. It was so loud that Nick Bahe had to throw his headphones at Xmus Jaxon Flaxon-Waxon Bishop and yell, “I need yours! They cancel more noise! Trade me Waxy Bish!”

There were other moments in this game that I liked a lot and that I’m sure that you, the reader, liked too! Here are some moments where we can all agree that we liked a lot:

  • Confetti that dropped from the ceiling every seventeen seconds
  • Icicles that formed on a man’s mustache
  • Rolling Pin Worship Hour (presented by Betty Crocker)
  • Creighton University GPA roll call

The Jays will get Oklahoma on Tuesday in Omaha. They’ll have Denzel Mahoney off the bench to add some depth for the Jays, as well as Davion Mintz and, reportedly, Kelvin Jones.