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Creighton wins by a lot

Seems like we wasted a Friday night.

Big East Basketball Media Day Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

It was nice of Cal Poly to visit Omaha and see what the financial infrastructure looks like. This city suffers from a brain drain, so for the nation’s up-and-coming engineers to visit and scope out future job prospects is really important to the longevity of our city.

These players may not be good at basketball - and that’s OK! - but they’re really good at doing other things that are important and vital to our well being. The fans here in Omaha got a nice show where their favorite basketball players got to look like superstars against a bunch of Very Smart Boys.

Maybe one of these Cal Poly players will come back and design a mass transit system that Omaha can adopt. Or perhaps they can come back and host lectures at one of our universities and teach the next generation a thing or two. Overall, this was more of a win for this great city than it was for Creighton’s men’s basketball team.

I just sincerely hope that John Smith is able to return to witness protection safely without running into the problems he escaped from in the first place. Here’s hoping that his family is also able to escape the perils. Here’s hoping that every Cal Poly person that made the trip can avoid their haunted past and continue with their new identities.

Mitch Ballock hit a three from the center court logo. That’s about the only notable thing that happened other than the game actually occurring. If it did, in fact, occur. As I’ve said before, this game may not have actually happened and was just a hallucination brought about by the government’s mind-control drugs that are dispersed through chemtrails. I know all of these things because I am smart.