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Is Khyri Thomas The Biggest Steal In The Draft?

3-and-D with tremendous upside but some flaws built in.

College: Creighton

Position: SG

Height: 6’4”

Wingspan: 6’10”

Weight: 200 lbs

Age: 22

Expected Draft Position: Late First – Early Second Round


Defense: Anyone who watched Big East basketball the past couple years knows you do not want Thomas to be guarding your favorite player. Highlighted by back-to-back Big East Defensive Player of the Year awards, Thomas is one of this draft’s best defenders. Thomas does not just use his length to be disruptive and create steals, but he uses positioning and quickness to stay in front of his man. Very rarely does Thomas get beat off the dribble.

3 Point Shooting: A career 40.6% shooter from 3 shows Thomas’s consistent ability to shoot from range. Due to his strength and great shooting form, Thomas’ projects to continue to shoot well from 3 in the NBA.

Finishing at the Rim: Whether driving for a layup or dunking after a steal, Thomas dominated college defenders at the rim. His strength, size and athleticism should give Thomas the ability to finish at the next level.


Age: At 22-years-old Thomas is one of the older draft prospects. Thomas will have to watch many less productive and even skilled players be drafted before him due to his age.

Offensive Create-ability: Driving to the rim is about the extent of Thomas’s ability to create shots. Thomas does not dribble into many jump shots for himself nor does he create many for his teammates.

Player Comparison:

Closer to 38 not 42 3FG% Klay Thompson: great (especially perimeter) defender, capable dribbler and finisher, but excels as catch-and-shoot/spot up shooter, high basketball IQ, beautiful shooting form, composed and competitive, outstanding character and teammate