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Ronnie Harrell Jr., Is Transferring To Denver

The ultra-versatile and much-beloved Bluejay is forgoing his senior season with the Jays to head home.

NCAA Basketball: St. John at Creighton Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Ronnie Harrell Jr., the hero to all of those that dream, a rolemodel for those that strive for greatness, a perfect example of hard work paying off in the long run, is transferring to Denver University as a graduate transfer previous to his final year with Creighton according to a twitter post:

Ronnie averaged 7 points per game last season, along with 6.3 rebounds per game, 2.6 assists per game, while shooting 43% percent from the field. He also happened to be a fan favorite:

Ronnie had some spectacular moments in his come-up into the Jays’ rotation, with some play at point against Villanova, a start at point against the 2017 NCAA Tournament opponent in Rhode Island, as well as 14 starts this past season. He hit three clutch free throws to put the Jays ahead in the waning moments of a game against Xavier this past season, only to be called for a ticky-tack bullshit foul moments later that I’ll complain about until the internet collapses because my musings will last forever up until that point.

Ronnie Harrell will forever be enshrined in my heart, though, considering he answered a bunch of questions I had for him about playing basketball in space. He’s also been a beacon of positivity in regards to life in general, being a supportive teammate and human being, always sharing a kind word with anyone he encountered.

I know.

I’m sad too.

Yet the memories of his playing style, that with a smooth jazz overtone to it, will last forever. His jump stop, high post, smooth transition, bouncing locks, and waggling mouthguard will be etched into our memories until the day we die.

God, and then there was this play, that made my jaw drop, that made my eyes water, that brought so much joy to such a small man’s heart:

I can’t wait to see what he does with Denver and head coach/cousin Rodney Billups. He’s going to be appointment television from now until forever.

He’s graduating in May, since he redshirted his freshman year, making him available to DU immediately

As far as where this leaves Creighton’s roster is to be seen. A transfer could be coming the Jays’ way, filling Ronnie’s role, but as of right now his slot will probably be filled by Mitch Ballock or Sam Froling.

Here’s his ‘exit interview’ courtesy of Creighton Athletics: