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Big Red Blows Out Bluejays 94-75

The streak ends at seven as Tim Miles beats McDermott for the first time ever and keeps his job for another year.

NCAA Basketball: Hall of Fame Classic-Texas Tech at Nebraska Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It was a coronation for Creighton’s sophomores as they tasted their first experience playing in Lincoln. The atmosphere was absolutely electric at ‘The Vault’ as the sea of red jammed into every nook and cranny and screamed their hearts out.

They pulled tifos over the student section. There were three guys dressed as FBI agents behind Creighton’s bench. The students regularly chanted “Let’s Go Cheaters” when the Jays shot free throw, then fanned themselves with hundred thousand dollar bills adorned with Billy Bluejay taking the center oval as the president.

The place was absolutely rocking.

The Huskers fed off of it.

Time and time again they were able to get the Jays out of position on defense, leading to wide open three pointers. Contrary to how this game typically plays out in the past, those threes went in. They got the lead and they extended it, never really looked back, and proceeded to kill whatever momentum Creighton tried to acquire.

From tip to finish it was pretty much all Big Red. Mitch Ballock tried with all his might to keep the game close, shooting damn near perfect from three, but he appeared to be the lone bright spot while the Bluejays struggled with Nebraska’s defense.

Ty-Shon Alexander had an off night. Damien Jefferson seemed lost in the pressures of the moment. Martin Krampelj was tossed into a black hole, never to be seen again. Davion Mintz hit some clutch, insane shots, but was completely off balance.

If this is what the sophomores had to see, a bloody beat down against the in-state rival, then so be it. Perhaps this will lend itself to a greater appreciation for the rivalry, an understanding that this was a game where hustle plays will win out. Ask Grant Gibbs about that.

It was a pretty spectacular win for Nebraska and a pretty damning loss for Creighton. It always appeared that this was a rivalry tilted in the favor of the Jays. Now this series gets back to .500, it gives teams wanting to scout the Jays a good blueprint on how to beat them (shoot a lot and make a lot, that easy!), but most importantly it gives the Big Red fans something to cheer about, which is the most depressing outcome of this game.

On to Green Bay.