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#1 Gonzaga v Creighton - Preview

One o’clock central time.

NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - Charlotte Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

How to Watch, Stream, Listen, Follow

Game Time: 1pm CT

Location: CHICO, Omaha, NE


Stream: Fox Sports GO

Radio: 1620AM the Zone in Omaha / 1290AM in Missoula

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Odds & Ends

Last I checked Gonzaga is favored by 5 points.

Series History

Creighton leads the overall series 6-3 with their first game occuring on December 10th, 1947. The Bluejays won four in a row from 1962-1977, yet the latest result came last year in a Zags blowout win, 91-74.

Verba de Ludis

Gonzaga has always been a program to admire from afar. Their annual dismantling of their mid-major conference has always been seemingly routine, lest St. Mary’s puts up a heavyweight fight.

Their NCAA Tournament prowess is enviable. A program that consistently wins in March is a feat that all programs would like to emulate. Under Mark Few it seems that the program has become super powered. They’ve taken that Cinderella story from the late 90’s and turned it into a imperial power with an impermeable fortress that sits higher than the Cascades just to Spokane’s west. A wrecking ball that destroys bluebloods and all comers, Gonzaga has become the beast that thrives in one’s nightmares, their home gym a deafening chamber of pain, their offense a masterful work in brutalizing even the most dominant defenses.

They’re no longer wallowing in the higher seeds of the dance but instead claiming number one overall seeds, ascending to final fours and elite eights and sweet sixteens with blinding regularity. Once a small school in eastern Washington with a dream of sprinting through March, now a powerhouse that nobody wants to fuck with, lest they have a death wish.

Creighton fans drool over that. It’s hard to see Gonzaga as an opponent, even on the day they come to town, because they’ve been a confidant in the underdog stories of modern America’s collegiate basketball scene. Gonzaga shot from the hip and dismantled every mid major expectation with reckless precision. Creighton has tried a similar tactic only to shoot themselves in the foot when it’s primetime and the lights are the brightest.

Gonzaga isn’t an opponent. They’re a like minded institution that’s achieved everything Creighton fans have ever wanted. They’re the big brother that’s got the jesuit flag flying high and the powerhouse basketball program to shove in your face. They’re exactly what you dreamed Creighton would become when the Qwest Center was erected, when the Korver and Doug legacies were being built, when appearances in March became routine only to be outclassed by Pitsnoogles, McGuirls, and that god damn Baylor zone.

Gonzaga isn’t an opponent. They’re what Creighton fans wished they’d see when they look in the mirror.

Since Creighton ditched the Valley, shaking themselves of the mid-major moniker, the Zags have been to two sweet sixteens, one elite eight, and one national title. They’ve done all of this while sitting atop their high tower and collecting numerous conference titles in an extremely top heavy West Coast Conference.

Gonzaga doesn’t give a shit about Creighton.

Creighton fans give all the shits about Gonzaga.

Today’s the day the Bluejays can topple a regime. Today’s the day where a regular season win can feel like a god damn championship, a little retribution for years of disappointing finishes in the post season.

They’re the number one team in the entire god damn country. They’re what you think Creighton looks like as you daydream about them in your office cubicle.

In the book of Creighton basketball this is where they can defeat Samson.

A sold out crowd.

A rainy Saturday on the first of December.

A blip in time.

Be fucking loud.

Song of the Day - Get Down - POS feat. Mike Mictlan