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#25 Creighton Wallops Butler On Dollar Beer Night 85-74

Kelan Martin’s nightmares about Khyri Thomas will go on in perpetuity.

NCAA Basketball: Butler at Creighton Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

If you stopped watching this game after the first half, you probably made a measured decision because, my lord, Creighton couldn’t be more efficient or effective on the offensive or defensive end. This was a half of energetic, hysteric, and downright mind blowing gameplay that featured highlight reel dunks, a complete shutdown of Butler’s best player, but more importantly, a 17 point lead going into the locker rooms.

What transpired afterwards was a battle for attrition, with Butler leading a steady yet persistent comeback to try to chip into the Bluejay lead. Paul Jorgenson and Aaron Thompson were phenomenal in the second half try, with Butler going with a 5-guard lineup to try to chip into the lead.

To dig deeper into the first half would be a measure of absolute joy for yours truly, for it was truly glorious.

Atmosphere-wise it was rocking at the CenturyLink, what with dollar beer night and all. There’s something about a bunch of people getting hammered together that makes basketball crowds all the more exciting. It helped quite a bit that the Jays were able to fill their student section considering the scholastic year begins tomorrow, thus adding the all important element to the affair.

For the most part, the game was heated from the start, both teams playing at a breakneck pace to entertain the masses. It was clear early on that Khyri Thomas had Kelan Martin locked up, yet the star attraction was Marcus Foster. Other than a hot start from TOBY! Hegner, Marcus was the primary factor on offense.

Then something happened.

Something that’s borne out of a chance opportunity to posterize someone forever and ever.

Simply, this:

That was about it. The game was pretty much over after that.

I don’t care what you’ve got to say. It was finished. Over.