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On Epperson’s Inaugural Night, Jays Beat Hoyas 85-77

Marcus Foster and Khyri Thomas combined for fifty whole points!

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Creighton Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Thus, a legend was born.

Deep in the continent of Australia, a man was born into an already basketball-rich family. As he grew and grew, his stock as a basketball player continued to rise; as is typically the case, and soon he ended up somewhere in the midwest playing prep ball with a young man with large hair and another man whose existence is now marred with scandal so grotesque it’d make the SMU scandal seem like child’s play.

As the young Aussie made his college decision to attend Creighton, standing 7 foot tall, he was simply making a logical choice in terms of his growth as a basketball player. An Omaha native made the jump to the professional ranks before him, with a similar body type and playing style, so it was a natural fit.

When the young Aussie made his debut against an overmatched Omaha team in a charity exhibition, it was clear that he had some weight and coordination to gain before he could make an impact on the hardwood. Add to the fact that with a removal of meniscus fluid, something that sidelines a player for a short spell, and Martin Krampelj’s rise to prominence, the Aussie was given a redshirt to give him an extra year of eligibility.

Then, Krampelj went down.

The lineups in flux, the rumors spread about the young Aussie getting some run on the court. With his knee healed and the Jays lacking a center, this was his opportunity to make a splash.

With 13:39 left in the first half, the young Aussie checked in. An arena adorned in pink for this ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ event, the place packed to the gills, turned their attention to the young Aussie and yelled. They screamed. They bellowed out confidence building phrases. They simply just lost their minds.

When the young Aussie dunked the ball, standing alone on an island in the middle of the paint, with the Hoyas seemingly losing track of the fella, he scored his first official points as a Bluejay, and the crowd rained down deafening cheers. The building rocked. It rolled. It sent the Bluejays into a scoring drought. It spurred on an 11-0 run for the Hoyas. Jahvon Blair was 3-3 from three at this point, a 31% shooter from beyond the arc.

With the crowd already in a tizzy from adoring the young Aussie, Marcus Foster and Khyri Thomas took the Bluejays on a 16-0 run to end the half, with Foster nailing a triple as time expired. With a 13 point lead at 46-33 at half, the Jays could demonstrably do no wrong to give this one away, right?

Well, not exactly.

Though the Jays had just 5 turnovers at the half, they proceeded to turn the ball over 4 times in the first 15 minutes of the second half, leading directly to Georgetown scoring in droves, particularly with Jahvon Blair scoring at will. Damned be a point guard for the Hoyas! They don’t need one as long as they can grab rebounds and toss in three pointers, right?

The physicality down low increased tenfold, the Hoyas inability to guard a big man flaring out of the high post and scoring from beyond the arc seemed to dissipate. Their defense created their offense, but most importantly it kept the hot shooting Jays from running completely away with this one.

Ball screens could no longer shake a Jay loose, and the offense stalled. Marcus Foster couldn’t carry this team, though he tried his damndest to do so. Jonathan Mulmore proceeded to hit a three with 4:12 left in the second half to bring the Hoyas within one point. The sweat teeming from these pinkclad fans began pooling at their feet, the aisles turning into a soupy mess of bourgeoisie bodily liquids, a cesspool of their own making.

Then, as always, TOBY! Fucking Hegner bailed out the Bluejays with a wide open triple that the interior of defense couldn’t defend. The only problem? Jahvon Blair answered right back.

Khyri Thomas then forced a turnover, something he’s been known to do, and acquired an and-one. He made the free throw, pushing the Bluejay lead back out to 4. A turnover caused by Ronnie Harrell Jr., then gave the Bluejays an opportunity to stretch the lead, and after a three pointer by Davion Mintz, he did just that. 76-70 with 1:15 left.

A bucket by Marcus Derrickson put the game within two scores, or one if a three point shooter gets fouled.

In a confusing set of circumstances, Georgetown fouled Marcus Foster with 51 seconds left. Marcus Foster is a good free throw shooter. There were better options. Coach Ewing seemed to think so as well.

Foster made both.

TOBY! Hegner then got a block on the other end, Foster made a couple free throws on the returning end, and the game came to its rightful conclusion with the Bluejays coming away with a victory.

Except, things can never be that easy. On the other end, Foster fouled Marcus Derrickson... while Derrickson was shooting a three. Derrickson proceeded to make all three free throws, closing the gap to just 5 points at 80-75. Georgetown then proceeded to foul Davion Mintz before the ball was inbounded, saving time on the clock with 31 seconds.

Mintz made both. 82-75.

Jahvon Blair then forced a three pointer on the other end, burning 14 valuable seconds off the clock, and the ball whirled around the tin but popped out at the last second. No good, Mintz gets the rebound, and gets two more free throws.

He missed the first, made the second.

On the other end, Khyri Thomas stole the ball from Jamorko Pickett. He was fouled, and went to the line and made both. 85-75.

Jonathan Mulmore then scored on the return. It didn’t matter.

Marcus Foster finished with a shitload of points. The young Aussie finished with two points.

The young Aussie’s name is Jacob Epperson.