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LOOK: Xavier reveals new basketball jerseys for 2017 season

The Musketeers made some adjustments. Nothing too outlandish. Just some subtle changes.

The Xavier Musketeers have been teasing new jerseys for the better part of the offseason so far. On Thursday, they were finally revealed to the world. Here’s what they look like, courtesy of Xavier’s MBB Twitter account.

There’s certainly a lot to like here. Some of the adjustments are certainly more subtle than anything. The crossing ‘X’ of the swords on the shorts is a neat touch. As is the navy blue trimming up on the ‘collar’ area of the jersey. The jerseys now have a new ‘lightweight’ material on them and, like many of the new Nike jerseys, they’re of the ‘Rio’/track-style cut.

What’cha think, Xavier fans? Yay or nay?