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2017 NBA Draft: Big East undrafted free agent tracker

Check back regularly for updates!

NCAA Basketball: Big East Conference Tournament-Creighton vs Villanova Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

While the NBA Draft has come and gone, the players who didn’t get drafted will still receive opportunities, either via camp or Summer League. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be updating this post regularly with the Big East players that sign with NBA teams.

Kris Jenkins

This one’s a no-brainer. Jenkins is from the Washington DC area, and the Wizards also employ Daniel Ochefu. They should trade for Josh Hart and Ryan Arcidiacono and get the band back together!

LJ Peak

This seems like a really solid fit. It would be interesting to see if Peak could stick, because I’d like to watch him (or anyone, really) in Mike D’Antoni’s offense.

Rodney Pryor

D’Angelo Russell, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Rodney Pryor are three of my favorite college players in the past few years. I hope they can all make the Nets and start turning things around in Brooklyn.

If it doesn’t work for Pryor, he has the Harlem Globetrotters as a fallback.

Cole Huff

After two seasons as one of the Big East’s best sharpshooters, Cole Huff is taking his talents to Toronto!

I suppose he’s technically taking his talents to Las Vegas with the ultimate goal of taking them to Toronto, but you get the point.

Darryl Reynolds

The ex-Villanova big man has made the Philadelphia 76ers Summer League roster!

Also of note, one-time Providence player Brandon Austin.