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Xavier Wins BIG EAST Baseball Championship Over St. John’s 7-6

The Musketeers hung 4 runs in the 7th inning to propel them to their second consecutive BIG EAST Tournament Championship.

Two years in a row. Three of the last four years. The Xavier Musketeers are the greatest tournament team in the new era of BIG EAST baseball. If you tell me any different you’re either ignorant or a liar - perhaps both.

When the chips seemed down for the Musketeers today - down 6-3 going into the 7th - you sort of knew in the back of your mind that they were going to blow it all up and come back at some point in the next three innings.

You could feel it in your bones. They’ve done it so many times that its become a joke at this point, a punchline to the BIG EAST tournament. The only time they don’t cash in is when they fail to make the tournament field - like in 2015.

When Gui Gingras hung a massive dong in the 2nd inning to start a 3-run inning, you still knew Xavier was going to win.

When Trent Astle came out of the game in the 5th after allowing 6 earned runs, you still knew Xavier was going to win.

When the tournament started and everyone bore witness to the power of Rylan Bannon and Conor Grammes during batting practice, you knew Xavier was going to win.

When Trey Schramm came in to close out the affair in the final two innings, you knew god damn well that Xavier was going to win.

It wasn’t a matter of when it was a matter of how long St. John’s could hold off this ferocious beast that is Xavier in the post season. I’m completely convinced that these Musketeers could hop on the first manned mission to Mars, travel for years and years, yet within that time still manage to win the BIG EAST tournament while in space.

They’re that good. They’re that dynamite. Even without player of the year Rylan Bannon hitting well, they were able to rely on each of his teammates to pick him up and mash dongs, bang out singles, or drive the gaps for double after double.

Congratulations to the Xavier Musketeers for their championship. Well-earned.

Most importantly though, congratulations to this fantastic baseball conference for finally getting two bids to the NCAA Tournament. How fucking exciting!