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Bluejays get clobbered by in-state rival, lose 14-6

Ryan Tapani has probably had better days in his life.

It didn't happen this year.

It hasn’t happened since April of 2010.

Winning at Haymarket is difficult enough as it is, Ed Servais having just 4 wins in 14 tries in the capital city of the state. Make that 4 wins in 15 tries now.

The first inning was beautiful. A gentle breeze from the south, an occasional surprise peek-out from the sun, a spattering of red-clad fans with the shadow of Memorial Stadium looming over center field. There was that splash of blue on the field to counteract the red, with the King throwing a few off the mound in a glorified bullpen start.

A single, a minor hiccup, but the remaining three that the King faced went down. It was a glimmer of hope in what was hyped to be a massacre by the team in red.

Everything was fine in that first inning. The sense of optimism began wrinkling at the edges of a largely pessimistic outcome.

Then, the bottom of the second inning happened.

After the King got the first batter out in a LOOGY situation, he was promptly replaced by Ryan Tapani. I’m not going to go into the details of his outing, but here’s the statbroadcast run down of how his outing went:

The game was over after that.

There was a moment in the top of the 8th where the Jays tried their damnedest to make things interesting. After Will Robertson struck out, Bryce Only slapped a single to the left side that ate up the third baseman. Jason Allbery then doubled down the left field line, getting Only to third, which set up a Clark Brinkman at bat that ended in a single, scoring Only.

Parker Updog grounded out, letting Brinkman advance to second base.

The middle infielders for the Jays then proceeded to drive in Allbery and Brinkman, giving the Jays three runs in the inning, and after succumbing to a 12 run deficit, it was nice to have any action whatsoever.

Michael Emodi then pounded a ball into deep center field, scoring Luevano and Collins, giving them a solid ‘5’ spot in the inning. It ended 13-6.

Then Nebraska scored another run or whatever.

Game over.

Jays fall to 8-15 on the year because rebuilding is a pain in the ass and brings lots of losing.