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Creighton Bluejays recruiting update

How did the Bluejays fare on the recruiting trail in April?

NCAA Basketball: Creighton at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

While their 2017 recruiting class is already pretty stacked, Greg McDermott and the Creighton Bluejays are still hard at work for the future, while still waiting to hear from their big target for 2017.


Cameron Thomas

Perhaps surprisingly, Thomas was one of just two offers Creighton sent out in April, per Verbal Commits.

Thomas is currently a freshman in high school in Chesapeake, Virginia, so the Bluejays are getting in early.

He has other offers from schools around the area, but Creighton was his first school from far away.

Obviously, being a 2020 recruit, you probably won’t hear anything about Thomas’ potential decision for at least 12 months. Probably longer.

Kofi Cockburn

Cockburn, a 2019 center, was Creighton’s other offer in April.

Unsurprisingly, Cockburn has much more interest and traction at the moment than Thomas.

Cockburn has 15+ offers, which can be found here.

Creighton has Jacob Epperson coming in this season as a true freshman to play center, so, assuming he stays all four years, Cockburn would be sharing playing time for a while. Of course, you should never assume anything.

Cockburn is 6’10” as a sophomore in high school, so the potential for even more growth is present.

What else?


Greg McDermott and his staff were present at an AAU Tournament this weekend and last weekend. They were watching a slew of different players.

McDermott also visited Brewster Academy’s Thomas Allen prior to Allen committing to Tim Miles and the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Tugs Update

Brian Bowen still hasn’t committed. It’s pretty clear Creighton is waiting to see what he does before they plan out their next move. They were waiting to see what Justin Patton did, too. He’s gone.

Bowen’s Crystal Ball is all over the place, as you can see. However, an interesting Creighton trend is developing.

It’s worth noting Epperson is high school teammates with Bowen, which may or may not matter.

What’s the Story?

Bowen, first and foremost. Creighton is going to be looking to replace a lot on offense given the departure of Patton and others, and Bowen is a good enough player to singlehandedly take on a lot of the load.

The recruiting class is already quite good at third in the Big East and 20th in the nation, but Bowen would launch it to unforeseen heights.

Aside from Bowen, the story is building depth for the future and scouring the transfer market, as McDermott has done so well in his past few years.