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Afternoon Fast Break (4/18): NCAA announces March Madness sites, simultaneously compounds North Carolina LGBT issues

The sites for 2019-2022 were unveiled Tuesday. But, there’s a big of a problem.

NCAA Men's Final Four - Practice Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

NCAA reveals future March Madness sites (NCAA)

The sites for the 2019-2022 NCAA Tournaments were revealed on Tuesday. This not only goes for men’s basketball, but EVERYTHING as well. The Big East will have representatives in 2019 (Georgetown), 2020 (Creighton, St. John’s/The conference itself at MSG), 2021 (Providence) and 2022 (Marquette). However, there’s a bit of an issue.

North Carolina was awarded multiple NCAA events (Outsports)

The reason NC was stripped of events was due to the anti-LGBT HB2 law that was put in place. That, of course, was replaced by HB142, which wasn’t exactly a full replacement and remains anti-LGBT. In turn, the NCAA has found a way to bring upon more criticism for their handling of this, and that is likely to turn up even further.

Dishing on MU’s nonconference slate (Anonymous Eagle)

The folks at AE have some thoughts on what lies ahead for MUBB. As they write, it’s never too early, is it?

Tremont Waters should choose the Hoyas. Again. (Casual Hoya)

Casual Hoya’s NYHoya writes on why the touted recruit should make his way back to The Hilltop.

Bench Mobbbbbbbb (VU Hoops)

Our friends over at VU Hoops discuss the ever-popular Bench Mob.

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