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Watch: Controversial flagrant 1 call on Seton Hall

Flagrant 1? Common foul? You decide.

The Seton Hall Pirates’ season just concluded in Greenville, as the Pirates fell to the Arkansas Razorbacks 77-71.

Although the Pirates were struck with an assortment of self-inflicted errors, this foul call played a major factor in the game. At first, the foul was ruled a common foul before being subjected to a review. Afterwards, officials decided to call a Flagrant 1 on Desi Rodriguez.

Was it the right call? Was it wrong?

You decide. Let’s go to the tape.

From the looks of how Twitter is reacting to it, we’re going to be hearing about this one for the rest of the weekend. And Pirates fans themselves may remember this one for a while in the worst of ways.

(h/t TNT)