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Big East Coast Mailbag - Podcast Questions!

Chris couldn’t do the podcast this week, so we’ve taken your questions and answered them here instead.

SpongeBob Mailbox Inducted Into The National Postal Museum Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Nickelodeon


Every week, we do a podcast where answer your questions. This week, we were unable to. Fear not, we’re still answering your questions right here!

Robert O’Neill: I don’t think it’s possible to argue that DePaul would have been in the NCAA Tournament last season under Mike’s tutelage. This year, the Blue Demons could be sitting at 21-4 right now had they hired Mike. Sad.

Chris Novak: 19 and firmly on the bubble. Would need a big run in the Big East Tournament.

Robert O’Neill: No. UConn is, though.

Chris Novak: Creighton is.

Robert O’Neill: I can’t answer that, but I can say the Big East is easily the most fashionable conference in the nation.

Chris Novak: What Rob said. I mean, just look at Jay Wright. VU Hoops has a #SuitWatch for him after all.

Robert O’Neill: Perry has been banished to Siberia. You won’t be hearing from him again.

I think Angel Delgado should definitely be getting more BEPOY love since he’s nearly doubling up second-place rebounder Tre’Darius McCallum in rebounds per game (13.1 to McCallum’s 7.0) and is still averaging 15.0 points per game to boot. It’s hard when Hart is the favorite for National POY, though, as he can’t logically win that without winning Big East POY.

Chris Novak: Yeah, Perry was last seen freezing in the snow. Perhaps he’ll be made into a popsicle.

As far as Delgado goes, probably, though I think Trevon Bluiett is gaining more ground than he has. Fair or not, Xavier has been rolling of late and they’re getting much more attention. Doesn’t mean that Angel’s not balling.

Robert O’Neill: Definitely Xavier, considering they were without Edmond Sumner for about two and a quarter of the games. Sumner went down against St. John’s, and then the Musketeers picked up huge wins against Seton Hall and at Creighton. That’s how you respond to adversity.

Chris Novak: I’ll disagree with my colleague here, though Butler’s losing streak came to an end against Marquette earlier this week. Seeing the Bulldogs lose not one but two home games in a row when they hadn’t dropped one all year was a bit shocking. While Xavier had their issues, lest we forget who their coach is. Chris Mack can’t ever really be counted out, so it’s not shocking to me that they’ve been able to rip off four straight now.