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DePaul vs. Georgetown 2017 final score: Blue Demons score first road win of the season, defeat Hoyas in final second

DePaul won. On the road!

NCAA Basketball: DePaul at Georgetown Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to two late (and we mean late) free throws by senior guard Billy Garrett Jr., the DePaul Blue Demons scored their first road win of the season on Wednesday night, edging out the Georgetown Hoyas 67-65.

With the score tied at 65 with less than five seconds to play, Garrett Jr. went coast to coast before getting fouled by Hoyas forward Akoy Agau with 0.2 ticks remaining. The senior from Chicago would ice the game for his Blue Demons as he would knock down both free throw attempts he had.

Not only is the first road win of the season for DePaul, but Dave Leitao’s bunch accomplished a particularly eye-popping feat in the process. The Blue Demons tallied their first victory in a road game at Georgetown since February 3, 1991 (!). That’ll pre-date a lot of us here at BECB, this writer included. To tack on more of an historical perspective: This is only DePaul’s second ever win at Georgetown since at least 1949-50 (per So it’s not like the Blue Demons were winning in bunches over the Hoyas prior to 1991. No, this DePaul group certainly made some history on Wednesday night in D.C.

Here’s what we learned:

There’s no quit in DePaul

It’s been another tough year for the Blue Demons to put it mildly, but their second half effort is indicative of continued fight that’s gone on all season. DePaul has continually played better in second halves this season and although they were in uncharted territory with with their 39-36 lead, they were still able to hang around and squeak out a win. As my colleague has said before, DePaul has certainly played better than their record shows sometimes. Tonight was one instance of that for sure.

3-point shooting crushed Georgetown

Teams who shoot more than 80 percent from the free throw line will not typically lose close games. So the fact that the Hoyas shot 83.3 percent on 24 FT attempts shouldn’t be what causes them to kick themselves tonight. However, the 3-for-13 mark from the 3-point line may. It was an awfully skittish night for them, though mostly it was Rodney Pryor who struggled mightily. Pryor shot 2-for-7 from beyond the arc, an unusual off night for him as he’s proven to be an effective shooter in the Big East so far. Even one more 3-point make would’ve changed the entire complexion of this game. Nevertheless, here we are.

“Will JT3 be fired?” will be asked more

We don’t have the answer for you though. Like the famed question, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” the world may never know the answer to that aforementioned question.