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Kyron Cartwright Beats #23 Bluejays At Buzzer

Emmitt Holt and Cartwright combined for 31 points on the evening.

NCAA Basketball: Providence at Creighton Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports


The dark cloud of uncertainty hung dense over the CenturyLink Center this evening as the Providence Friars played a basketball game while the Bluejays of Creighton wallowed with a distinct sense of nausea. Earlier today, a press release stated that injured point guard Maurice Watson Jr had been handed a suspension by the university for breaking the code of conduct. For what, you may ask? Idle speculation and rumors can be the death of any good sports reported, if he chooses to report on said rumors and speculation, so because I’m terrible at this I refuse to disclose the banter among fans and journalists.

A basketball game happened. The momentum swings were knee-buckling, Providence hitting four consecutive threes in quick succession in the opening moments of the game, Creighton answering back with an 11-0 run of their own until the Bluejays had mounted a 13 point lead that was cut to seven just before the break.

Providence’s lack of size down low opened the floodgates for Justin Patton, yet Creighton’s reliance on double teaming the post and occasionally losing a man on defense led to Kyron Cartwright hitting money bucket after money bucket.

The Friars hopped out to a 8-0 run to open the second half, giving them a one point advantage and taking the momentum for a brief moment. This run was encapsulated by a pair of threes from Emmitt Holt and a jumper by Rodney Bullock.

This is where the game began to even out for the remainder of the game, a teeter-totter of win expectancy where the lead never got larger for seven for the Jays yet they refused to surrender this lead from about the 17th minute on.

Within this time frame, Justin Patton made some inexplicable plays, doing crazy shit like dribbling between his legs and finishing at the rim after a spin move. The Friars, much like the game in January, had no real answer for the soon-to-be lottery pick.

On the other end, it appeared to be Emmitt Holt’s time to shine, cashing in when the Friars needed it most, putting a stop to multiple Creighton runs while acting as a rock in the river that is Justin Patton’s ability to score – something you’ve got to tip your hat to considering how overmatched he was.

What Khyri Thomas is typically

At 62-62 with just under 5 minutes remaining, it was clear we were in for a barn burner, yet with an offensive rebound and flat footed put back by Patton, coupled with a beautiful spin and drive by Marcus Foster, the Bluejays had acquired a four point lead with just a tinge over 3 minutes remaining.

Yet, the run stopped there as Isaiah Jackson nailed both of his free throws to make it a two point game again. After a failed pick and roll by Patton and Thomas, and after a Jalen Lindsay brick followed by a Patton missed lay-up it was clear that we’d somehow pissed off the basketball Gods sufficiently enough that they were going to force this game to be close until its climactic moments.

That climactic moment came when Kyron Cartwright nailed a triple with 2.4 seconds left to give the Friars the lead at 68-66. The air went completely out of the building, and after a desperation heave from Creighton that bounded off a sea of hands – ending up in the hands of Khyri Thomas, who had a look and a shot that clanged off – the game met its final conclusion.