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Jays Attain Revenge, Blow Out Hoyas 87-70

Marcus Foster scored 35 points in one of the best games of his career.

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Creighton Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

On a beautiful afternoon in Omaha, the Bluejays sought revenge for a demoralizing On a beautiful afternoon in Omaha, the Bluejays sought revenge for a demoralizing drubbing they received by the hands of the Hoyas in mid January. Revenge is like a delicious cake in which it tastes delicious and makes you feel good.

Needless to say, the Jays are feeling pretty good after kicking the shit out of the Hoyas at home, giving back to a lusty fanbase who was in desperate need of a win from their favorite team.

What transpired over the 40-minute affair was an array of dunks from freshman phenom Justin Patton, getting fed from every angle and tossing the rock into the cylinder. To compliment him, Marcus Foster had arguably one of his most complete games of the season, scoring in droves while the heavily hyped Hoya defense collapsed in on itself like a supernova transitioning into a black hole. Where the Jays couldn’t score in the previous meeting, their offense today resembled that of a properly oiled 1998 Honda Accord.

All afternoon long the Jays relied on a dribble drive, carving through the Georgetown defense like a butcher’s knife carving up a plump and tasty bulldog. Even mid-range extraordinaire Cole Huff slammed home a couple of offerings at the rim, sending his overall dunks on the year skyrocketing to an astounding 3.

Though LJ Peak and Jesse Govan were effective inside, Rodney Pryor began feeling the pressures of the newly minted #Khyrifense and was subdued for the afternoon, unable to get a clean look at anything as he was persistently pushed into poor decisions.

If you were looking for an example of why Khyri Thomas is the most deserving player in the conference to win defensive player of the year, then this was it. I know if you focus on a subject for long enough you feel like you know it, inside and out, in an intimate manner that transcends a typical relationship. If you find yourself watching a Creighton basketball game with no personal fandom towards them or their opponent, simply lock into #2 on the defensive side of the ball. Watch his feet. Note his anticipation. Understand the pressure.

Georgetown started to press at a frenetic pace, forcing the Jays into a few turnovers yet continued to foul, ultimately delaying the end of this game with the slight inclination that they could come back. Alas, it was all for naught, and the Jays were triumphant in the end.