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Bluejays Peck Apart Cougar Carcass, Win 103-66

Martin Krampelj feasted inside for a career high while Jordan Scurry got some playing time.

National Collegiate Basketball Hall Of Fame Classic Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Coming off a loss against one of the tougher opponents the Jays will face all year, especially with the heartbreaking end, they were able to get a living, breathing punching bag to release all their anger in Southern Illinois-Edwardsville.

With this organic creation of God sporting red jerseys with a giant white lowercase ‘e’ adorned upon their jerseys, SIUE promptly let Martin Krampelj have a career high scoring day while, through the first half, the Bluejays were able to drive through the Cougar defense like they were at a dive bar at 4pm in the Nashville suburbs.

Eventually, SIUE switched to zone - mixing 2-3 and 1-3-1, but to no avail. Creighton’s offense was so starved after the Baylor game that they wanted to eat, so they did, and they ate like they were feral dogs alone at a Thanksgiving party hosted by some bourgeois family on the west end of town.

Ronnie rebounded, Khyri got his threes, and Marcus collected his points like they were gold coins in the first level of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The closest SIUE ever got in this game was in the first minute, when it was 0-0, then 2-0 after Martin Krampelj dunked on everybody 14 seconds into the game. They got within 2 again at the 16:32 mark when David MacFarland nailed a three to make it 10-8.

After another dunk by Martin and a subsequent 4-0 run, the Cougars were never within one possession again. Granted, Creighton never really ran away with it until the second half, as they were only leading by 7 before Marcus Foster nailed a three at the buzzer to send things into halftime.


Creighton then proceeded to go on a 28-11 run in the first 8:30 of the second half, completely blowing the doors off of the game, and sending the Cougars into a proverbial tailspin. While their zone defense somewhat held Creighton at bay in the first half, the Jays were able to take the Cougar efforts and shove them lovingly into a woodchipper, shredding them with drive and kicks that made the whole thing dizzying to watch.

With 6 minutes left, Tyshon Alexander, Tyler Clement, Manny Suarez, Jordan Scurry and Kaleb Joseph (Davion ending things) populating the lineup, this one was over. Nothing more to see.