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Harry Froling will visit Marquette, and is it time for Georgetown to start from scratch?

Welcome to The Morning Fast Break, your (almost) daily source of Big East reads.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Christian at Southern Methodist Sean Pokorny-USA TODAY Sports

The Morning Fast Break has now been posted for two (2) days in a row!

New record at the workplace. We’ll keep our dry erase board updated.

Another quiet day is on the horizon for your favorite conference until things get enticing and exciting on a loaded Saturday. For now, here’s what we’ve got to hold you over.

Marquette hosting an SMU Mustang (Anonymous Eagle)

At least we believe he won’t fishtail like a Ford Mustang. Anyways, Harry Froling will soon be on the campus of Marquette. What comes next? We’ll soon find out.

Should Georgetown blow it up? (Casual Hoya)

Our resident Hoyas blog ponders the $64,000 question.

How has Villanova fared before on January 5? (VU Hoops)

Not great, Bob. Not great.

Actually, we’re a wrestling and baseball blog