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Watching Donte DiVincenzo’s game-winner on a loop, and what the future holds for Creighton at point guard

The Morning Fast Break has arrived!

Virginia v Villanova Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

So, how DID Marquette beat ‘Nova? (Anonymous Eagle)

AE is here to tell you exactly how.

What does Holtmann’s success mean? (Indy Business Journal)

Does their success mean that Holtmann may be recruited elsewhere?

The plan for the Jays going forward at point (Omaha World-Herald)

Splitting time is the plan going away. Spoiler.

Let’s watch Donte DiVincenzo’s game-winner (VU Hoops)

Why not?

Actually, we’re a wrestling and baseball blog

  • It was the dang Royal Rumble yesterday. Just go seep through Cageside Seats why don’t you?
  • Punishment for the STL Cards’ hacking is on the way
  • Is Detroit getting a rebuild? Maybe, but not soon