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Georgetown outlasts #11 Butler

It was a bad day for schools that have beat Villanova this season.

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Butler Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After a close fought game at Hinkle Fieldhouse, Georgetown prevailed in the second half 85-81 behind many, many points scored by the top three Hoyas.

This is the first time Butler has lost at home since February 20, 2016 against eventual national champion Villanova.

The first half was very back and forth, with neither team giving the other much breathing room. Georgetown controlled most of the first half, but Butler was able to take the single point lead into halftime. Halftime scoring leaders were Jessie Govan for Georgetown with 13 points and Butler’s Kelan Martin (naturally) with 16 points.

The second half was much of the same back and forth as the first. The difference maker of this game was the three possession stretch in which Rodney Pryor scored three straight three-pointers on three straight possessions. The Bulldogs just seemed deflated after this stretch and could never make it back into the game.

Georgetown was lead by the scoring trio of LJ Peak (22 points), Govan and Pryor (each with 20 points). Butler was lead by Martin with 22 points (six in the second half) and Andrew Chrabascz with 16 points.

Three things we learned

1) Doesn’t matter how well you shoot if you don’t play defense

The Butler defense was subpar at best tonight. The Hoyas managed to shoot almost 64 PERCENT from the field for the game, and there were very few contested shots. Kamar Baldwin did a good job of containing Pryor in the first half and keeping him to only seven points on the half. The Bulldogs experimented with almost every defense in their arsenal, and nothing could stop the Hoyas.

2) Rodney Pryor is the real deal

He’s just good, man. I don’t even know what else to say. I saw his three straight three-pointers right in front of me in person with my own eyes, and I still can’t believe them. While Georgetown as a whole has disappointed this season, Pryor has not.

3) Biggest winner today: Villanova

Butler and Marquette lost today in close games to teams they were both better than. Other than Georgetown and Providence, Villanova also won today. Let’s hope they beat Virginia tomorrow too...

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