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Georgetown demolishes #16 Creighton 71-51

Pryor and Peak were excellent as they pummeled the hapless Bluejays.

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Xavier Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

The first half of basketball was bad. I haven’t been this depressed watching basketball in a while, but with my eyes glued to the tube I couldn’t look away as both teams started at ~25% shooting through the first three media timeouts. Nothing was going in for either team, Georgetown unable to properly set up a cohesive offense while chucking up ill advised threes and jumpshots. Creighton attempted to set something up yet had everything bounce off the rim.

Creighton had to rely on Justin Patton to get their offense churning, which is great except he was the only option available. Foster had some good looks, but couldn’t capitalize.

Georgetown managed to build a nine point lead in the waning moments of the half, with LJ Peak and Rodney Pryor pouring in buckets from seemingly anywhere on the court. Time after time Creighton would get really sloppy with the ball, turn it over, and leave a 2 on 1 situation for the Hoyas to capitalize on.

The fact that Rodney Pryor caught fire was a bad sign for the Jays, especially since he was being guarded by Isaiah Zierden - a guy who isn’t necessarily known for his offensive prowess.

The Pryor and Peak show continued to roll on as the half expired. The two of them combined for 26 points in the half, which nearly eclipsed the total points the Jays had at the half.

Pryor and Peak kept working screens to get a match-up they could blow by, then did so with authority. Pryor had some vicious dunks that furthered the Hoya momentum, crippling the Jays and forcing them into a frenzied panic.

When Georgetown has their top two scorers scoring at will, it’s no wonder that they were able to steamroll the Jays through the first half.

Georgetown hopped out early on a 11-7 run, expanding their lead to 50-34 while Creighton proceeded to turn the ball over time after time after time. Georgetown capitalized on this and sent buckets in with authority.

Credit the Hoyas for taking complete control of the momentum and shutting down any semblance of a run for Creighton. This was the same exact thing that destroyed the Jays against Marquette; the inability to put a run together.

Perhaps I was wrong all along. Perhaps the national writers knew what they were talking about. Without Watson to keep the speedboat on a decent path, the Jays just get overtaken by the current. There was no rhythm on offense, everything seemed forced, throwing passes out of bounds, no ability to defend whatsoever.

What we were treated to was an absolute mess for the Jays.

Georgetown was ruthless and explosive, giving zero cares about Creighton’s relative inability to perform on the hardwood. Instead, Jessie Govan controlled the paint with a authority, grabbing rebounds and slamming home some delicious dunks.

It’s 58-38 right now and Tyler Clement is playing point guard for Creighton. This one is over.

The game sort of rolled along, with Creighton occasionally making a run at it but falling short when the they gained any traction. They got as close as 15 points before Patton received his third foul, the score at 63-48. Marcus Derrickson then squared up a three pointer, swished it, and pushed the lead back to 66-48.

All was lost for the Jays at that point, as they proceeded to turn the ball over on their next two trips down the court.

LJ Peak would get over the 1,000 point threshold with a three to put Georgetown up 69-48 with roughly 3 minutes remaining. At that point Creighton had emptied their bench and had all but checked out of the game.

Final score 71-51 Hoyas. LJ Peak had 20 points, Rodney Pryor had 18.