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Myles Davis leaves Xavier program

The reasons are unknown, but the senior guard says he’s on to a new chapter in his life.

Wisconsin v Xavier Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Xavier Musketeers senior guard Myles Davis announced Friday night that he was leaving the program.

Davis announced the departure from the Musketeers program via his personal Twitter account.

Almost an hour later, ESPN’s Jeff Goodman tweeted out a statement from Chris Mack, indicating that the Xavier head coach met with the senior guard on Friday wherein Davis informed his coach that he would in fact be leaving the program immediately.

The reasons for this departure so far are unknown. We know that he had served a 15-game suspension following a protective order being issued against him by his ex-girlfriend back in the summer before eventually being reinstated back on January 7. Davis had played three games for the Musketeers in the aftermath of this suspension before his eventual and abrupt departure from the program on Friday night.