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Truman State v #8 Creighton - Game Guide

Yeah, I know, I don’t get it either.

NCAA Basketball: Butler at Creighton Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

How to Watch, Stream, Listen, Follow

Game Time: 12:00pm CT

Location: CenturyLink Center, Omaha, NE


Stream: FSGO

Radio: 1620AM the Zone & 101.9FM the Keg in Omaha

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Odds & Ends

The spread is set at ∞ according to NASA.

Over/Under set at 1,000,000+ according to the liberal media

Something about getting help with your gambling problem.

Series History

On December 29th, 1947 the Truman State Bulldogs walloped the Creighton Bluejays 54-41 in Des Moines, which gives Creighton an opportunity to not only

ACHIEVE .500!!!

in the series, it also gives them an opportunity for a little


Verba de Ludis

You’ve probably already learned this by now, but the primary reason Creighton is playing Truman State is because the BIG EAST decided to have a Martin Luther King Jr. Day marathon featuring all of the teams playing one another in conference, but the conference decided that if one team plays on the Saturday before this delectable gluttony of hoopball then they all have to.

Scheduling teams in January is a difficult task considering everyone is in the throes of conference play, and because Georgetown-UConn was already a thing, Creighton needed to find an opponent so that they were “on a level playing field” come Monday.

Phone calls were made, schedules were amended, and Creighton was saddled with a D-II opponent in Truman State (who had to pay Bellarmine to play them on Friday instead of Saturday) because no one else was available. That’d be like me phoning all of my ex-girlfriends on the night before prom, finding out that all of them already had dates, leaving me paying an escort to dance with me to some terrible pop song while all of my peers looked on inquisitively. (Note: this is not what happened to me on prom night.)

The unbecoming thing about this Truman State match-up is that the Bulldogs will be playing their third game in three days. That’s the sort of masochistic behavior that normally goes hand-in-hand with a pretty fat paycheck.

What’s worse is that the two opponents they played previous to travelling to Omaha were the #9 & #10 teams in D-II basketball. Their first game against Southern Indiana ended in a 111-89 loss, with their top two scorers combining for 50 points in 32+ minutes played.

The very next night, against #9 Bellarmine, the Bulldogs won 77-72 while those same scorers - Jake Velky and Cory Myers - combined for only 19 points while still playing 30+ minutes.

The Bulldogs’ saving grace when they visit the sold out CenturyLink Center is that this game won’t count against them as it’ll be recorded as an exhibition when the season reaches its conclusion. If they’d like to let Connor Lusso - a Millard West grad and Omaha native who averages 8.6 minutes per game - loose and allow him to just “ball out” in his hometown, they can afford to do so. They can practically do anything they want, run with any lineup, it won’t really matter.

For Creighton, this game has some bright spots. The game is sold out due to the yearly ‘Teammates’ promotion where tickets are donated to under privileged kids who normally wouldn’t be able to see a Creighton basketball game, which is an incredible gesture by the university.

It also gives Kobe Paras, Davion Mintz, Ronnie Harrell Jr., Jordan Scurry, and Martin Krampelj an opportunity to show off their talents in January - something that’s normally reserved for the Wayne States or Longwoods in November and early December. Actual game time on national television will give their families something to smile about since they’re unlikely to see a lot of floor time until they play DePaul.

I don’t think we’ll see any Cole Huff against the Bulldogs. I think we’ll see less than 15 minutes of gameplay with Maurice Watson Jr., Justin Patton, Marcus Foster, and Khyri Thomas on the floor. If they play any more than that something has gone seriously wrong.

Song of the Day - ‘Truman’ - Ratatat