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WATCH: Here’s Xavier’s J.P. Macura trolling Wisconsin fans with the Gator Chomp

Macura had a rude, emphatic dunk. And then, he went and scorched earth in Madison.

Troll on, J.P. Macura.

Macura and the Xavier Musketeers just defeated the Wisconsin Badgers in a 2017 Gavitt Games matchup that gave the Big East a 4-3 lead (Pssst. The Big Ten blew a 3-1 lead). Following an emphatic dunk by the Muskies’ resident agitator, he decided to go full-on troll toward the Wisconsin student section.

The Badgers, of course, lost to the Florida Gators this past March in the Sweet 16. You had to figure, after what happened two years ago in the Round of 32, that Xavier was going to come into this game with a lot of pent-up aggression. They certainly did and then some, winning at Kohl Center, something that not many teams can say they’ve done in nonconference play (Wisconsin is now 62-7 since the 2009-10 season).

This, though? Whew, buddy.