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Better know a freshman: Georgetown’s Jagan Mosely

The New Jersey shooting guard is preparing to make a dynamic debut for the Hoyas

NCAA Basketball Tournament - Belmont v Georgetown Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Jagan Mosely understands how to work the classroom and the court. Managing a 4.2 GPA, the St. Anthony’s High School graduate is making his collegiate debut with Georgetown this fall. The 6’3 shooting guard received offers from school like Harvard, Pittsburgh, and Georgia Tech, along with fellow Big East schools Seton Hall and Xavier, before deciding to take his talents to Washington, D.C.

A four-star recruit by ESPN, Mosely played a tough, and increasingly excellent game while at St. Anthony’s, a revered basketball institution itself. By senior year, Mosely secured a hot 14.2 points per game. That statistic alone, while respectable, does little to reveal the extent of Mosely’s grit as a player. Sophomore year, the shooting guard average 6.4 points in his 27 appearances. Junior year, Mosely decidedly upped his ante. Doubling his standard points per game up to 13, Mosely unlocked the next level to his abilities. His three-point game rose drastically (nailing 31 shots his junior year season versus the six shots scored his sophomore season), as is did his overall impact on the team.

The dramatic shift between his sophomore and junior year signals two major points: Mosely is a player with intense potential that is anxious to be unleashed, and he is committed to grinding until that greatness is established. In fact, lead by Mosely’s charge, St. Anthony’s dominated the New Jersey basketball scene this past year. If not taking a single L wasn’t impressive enough (32-0, y’all), Mosely capped his final year at St. Anthony’s with a state championship victory at NJSIAA’s Tournament of Champions and was named’s “Player of the Year” for 2015-16.

It’s safe to infer that Mosely is beginning to best capture and maintain his flow as a player, and Georgetown undoubtedly aims to capitalize on his drive. Frankly, his hustle is poised to be part of his greatest strength for the Hoyas. As noted by St. Anthony’s assistant coach Eric Harrield, “[Jagan] works every day to get better and improve himself—not like he’s the best player on the team, but the worst player on the team. He works that hard.” Accordingly, his desire to hone and unleash his skill is well-suited for collegiate success.

Additionally, the sheer power of Mosely’s athleticism cannot be understated. Mosely’s physicality while shooting, paired with his noted commitment to improvement, suggests highly positive results for the Hoyas. Casual Hoya emphasizes that Mosely’s already high energy gameplay, once funneled with more adept ball-handling, will help sculpt Mosely into a key player for Georgetown’s squad.

Ultimately, Mosely’s introduction to the Big East promises to be an exciting unveiling of fresh, powerful talent. Until then, cue the mixtape.