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Is Sean McDermott the next Kellen Dunham?

After redshirting last year, McDermott is poised for some new challenges this season in a Bulldog uniform.

Gerry Broome/AP

Will Sean McDermott be the next Kellen Dunham for Butler University?

He’s got to be absolutely sick of that comparison and question.

Sure, the redshirt freshman went to the same high school as Dunham, Pendleton Heights in Pendleton, Indiana. Sure, they even look kind of similar.

After a staph infection sidelined him during portions of his junior year of high school, McDermott came back stronger and with something more to prove. During his senior season, McDermott averaged 16 points and 6.6 rebounds per game and was also named to the Indiana All-Star team.

The decision for McDermott to redshirt came after Butler’s Puerto Rico Tip-Off trip, where they lost to Miami (FL) in the final game. The idea was being wrestled with during the games before the trip, but no final decision had been made then.

Also during his redshirt year, McDermott broke his wrist and has been recovering from that injury since early this year.

With the backcourt loses of Dunham, Roosevelt Jones and Jordan Gathers, McDermott looks to secure a spot in the guard rotation this season.

But the incoming freshman additions of Joey Brunk, Kamar Baldwin, and Henry Baddley are good. Real good.

The two transfers in their first years of eligibility, Kethan Savage and Avery Woodson, are also good. Real good.

Tyler Lewis, possibly with a chip on his shoulder from last season, is also good. Real good.

While I don’t think McDermott’s going to get lost in the shuffle after his redshirt year, there’s still a little bit of worry. Let’s not start any more Kellen Dunham comparisons until we see how he can play in the season, shall we?

Until then, he dropped some dimes against Pike during his senior season. If he plays like this next season, the comparisons are warranted.