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Get to Know a Writer: Brendan Carducci

Being one of the newest writers at Big East Coast Bias, I would like to tell you a little about myself.

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The Details

Name: Brendan Carducci

Middle Name: Aldo

Age: 16

Twitter: @carducci45

Home State: Connecticut

Favorite Meal: Buffalo Wings

Favorite College Basketball Team: Connecticut Huskies

Least Favorite College Basketball Team: Syracuse Orange

Greatest Big East Moment: Kemba Walker guiding UConn through 2011 Big East Tournament.

Writing Portfolio: Currently a contributor on SB Nation's The UConn Blog, Rumble in the Garden, Casual Hoya, and Big East Coast Bias. Also, a Staff Writer for FanSided's Keeping It Heel and Hardwood Houdini.

I grew up around real college basketball, old Big East action.

Since I was a young child, Big East basketball has played a huge role in our household. I recall watching classic battles such as UConn-Syracuse (6 OT's), Georgetown-Syracuse, UConn-Pittsburgh, among others. Those were games that the nation tuned into. The Big East was full of powerful programs that were constantly ranked in AP polls. They also despised each other, the Hoyas and Orange acting as a great example. That is what made Big East basketball special for me, it was titans clashing on the hardwood that legitimately hated their competitors.

That is also why I believe the old Big East will always be superior to the new Big East. Seriously, the 2011 Big East conference sent 11 teams to the NCAA Tournament.

Since the old Big East imploded I have been distraught, mainly because UConn moved onto a conference with no real basketball pedigree. Tuesday night games against Tulane have been tough to watch, saying the least.

Despite the Huskies affiliation to the American, I have followed the new Big East since it originated. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to provide updates and insight on all Big East teams and to all Big East fans!