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Get to Know a Writer: Tehr Umar

New BECB Writer who wants to frame the above photo of Drake.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to be writing for Big East Coast Bias--as a graduate of Villanova Law, I'm intensely devoted to my Wildcats and this proud conference. Prior to joining BECB, I was a writer and later editor for the Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal. Since I'll regularly be serving Big East #hottakes, I'm taking this chance to unveil some lesser known facts about myself.


1. 2016 NCAA Championship Game

Kris Jenkins's buzzerbeater remains a religious experience for myself. It was transcendental. It was a moment of pure divinity gracing us mortals. I feel lightheaded just thinking about it. Everyone should start their day watching this shot. And then immediately listen to "Big Rings." 10/10 way to feel on top of the universe.

2. LeBron's "I'm Coming Home" Letter

To be clear, I am in no way affiliated with Cleveland, nor have I ever been to Ohio. But I love LeBron's dedication to his home state. I think this is a long way of saying I'm v sentimental.

3. Photos of Joe Biden just living life

Partisanship aside, our Vice President takes *amazing* photos. Have you seen the joy Biden takes in eating ice cream? We should all love something the way Joe Biden loves ice cream. What a cool guy.

4. Episode 9, Season 6 of Game of Thrones

I won't spoil anything for the six people who haven't seen this episode, but GOOD GRIEF what a stupendous moment in television history.


1. Not having a single receipt come out to $17.38 yet

It's difficult living my best life when I cannot relate to Fetty Wap in this financial manner.

2. #HaterTakes on Eli Manning

I'm a major New York Giants fan, and I stand by my chosen Manning. Even after that Super Bowl blank face photo, I stand by my Manning.

3. Friday Night Lights having to come to an end

How can we possibly "Make America Great Again" if coach Eric Taylor isn't dispensing advice on a weekly basis?

4. One Direction taking a "break"

Still too painful for me to expand upon. Conciliatory Edible Arrangements are appreciated.

This feels like all the fundamentals. Please feel free to tweet me Drake memes and/or any Arcidiacono gifs you stumble upon. I look forward to getting to know the BECB community and discussing our favorite bucket moments.