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Get to Know a Writer: Chris Grenham

Hey guys, I'm Chris Grenham and I recently joined the team here at Big East Coast Bias.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The BECB twitter account said it best:

I am a firm believer in the present Big East conference, Bryce Cotton, and all things Rasheed Wallace. Sports supply us with some of the most compelling stories in the world, and this group of ten teams is no different. Since its inception three years ago, the Big East has produced a national champion, a 6'10 Uber driver, and countless dramatic endings like this:

What's not to love?

I'll be a senior at Providence College this coming fall and I look forward to covering all ten teams on their 2016 campaigns. Prior to starting at BECB, I ran an independent sports blog called Strictly Buckets Sports where I covered mostly NBA and NCAA Basketball amongst other things. Sure, naming a website after a Nick Young quote may seem a little strange at the surface, but personalities like his don't come around too often. He holds a spot on my Mount Rushmore of sports figures alongside Gilbert Arenas, Ben Bentil, and Jason Williams. As you can see, I'm a strong advocate for appreciating the entertaining and amusing figures that the world of sports provides for us.

I look forward to writing here at BECB and helping the already stellar reputation that the team has built. Whether it's a Jay Wright wardrobe update or a DePaul bench mob gif, I'll be sure to touch upon it. Well I think that about covers it. Thanks for listening. And for those who are wondering, this November I'll be supporting an Ed Cooley-Kris Dunn presidential ticket.