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Big East Coast Bias' All Half-Decade Teams: Creighton Bluejays

Eric Francis/Getty Images

Hello and welcome to the second edition of the Big East Coast Bias All-Half Decade Teams. In this series of ballots, which is set to take place over the next 11 weeks, you, the readers of Big East Coast Bias, will be able to vote on who you believe are the best players for each program from the last half-decade.

Players eligible for voting will have had to have played at least two years for the program from the stretch of the 2010-11 season to the 2015-16 season season.

Last week, the Butler Bulldogs were the first to go through the motions. There were few surprises with the results. Next, we have the Creighton Bluejays, a team that like Butler didn't join the Big East until the 2013-14 season. Like the Bulldogs though, there've been many talented players to play for the Jays this decade so far. Who will make the cut? That's up to you.